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We asked SuzanneG, moderator of Poety, Prose, Questions & Meaning avid reader of RedBubble writers and member since July 07 to select a some written works for our featured page and talk to us about her selections. This is what she had to say:

I was recently invited to compose a Featured Page on Writing and I have selected the following pieces from the Poetry, Prose, Questions & Meaning Group:-

Fall Down On Me Like Rain – Photobloke

This poem is powerful, deeply evocative, intense and yet gentle. It is written from the perspective of the admirer who relates with touching depth his responses to what he observes as desire and need in the loved one he writes of. The reader gets the sense that the author has almost merged with the object of his affections. I found this a profoundly moving poem, with an almost hypnotic lingering impact. A fine example of dazzling literary style!

Because It’s Over – Paul Louis Villani – (Listen to the song while you read this)

This piece, (actual lyrics to song of same title), centres around the theme of losing innocence and playfulness and letting go. It death and liberation. The artist approaches the fraught intersecting space between arrival and departure – that ever so tenuous place – the exit point. Listening to the song while reading the lyrics adds another heightened dimension to this creative experience which is charged with intensity and emotion. I personally find Paul’s musical compositions alive, refreshing and compelling.

The Seeking Of An Audience – Paul D Robertson

This piece explores the soulful quest for meaning and relationship between a father and son. It is written with the outstanding brilliant flair for raw soul searching honesty, eloquence, sophistication and panache so typical of Paul Robertson! The reader is invited right into the writer’s internal space. The sense for me was a shared writing and reading experience, one which requires considerable talent and skill to produce. The question for meaning, the understanding and honouring of the self prominent features. From a reader’s perspective an utterly soulful and artistic experience.

Hate Kills Angels – Artstruggle

(Matthew Wayne Shepard was lured from a gay bar, brutally attacked and left to die tied to a fence on the outskirts of Laramie in October 1998. His funeral was picketed by Reverend Phelps and his followers with signs of ‘God hates fags’.)…Artstruggle
This poem has as its central theme, the manipulation and victimization of minority groups and vulnerable targets by religious, moralistic, fanatical and narrow mined hate. The author delivers with a powerful punch, the absolute stark horror the victim experienced leading up to and during his death. It is an extremely moving and heart wrenching account and one which, Artstruggle has done a brilliant job in delivering leaving the reader moved to tears.

The 10th – Mark German

In this intriguing, exquisite piece, the author begins with existentialism in its utter state of crisis and then transports the reader into the realm of transcendence. The poem moves from the physical to the ethereal with a fluidity of ease that is remarkable, and typical of Mark’s writing style. Some very clever and subtle word play woven through adds pizzazz to a very stylish and deeply thought-provoking poem. I thoroughly enjoyed the intellectual and fantasy elements in the reading experience.

The Watcher – Melissa Vowell

I chose this particular piece because I find it to be an extremely interesting play on possible perspectives. The ‘watcher’ (or stalker) can be seen to be the ‘author’ or the ‘stalker’ (watcher). The twist, I think is brilliant, had the watcher asked he may have been invited. This piece, demonstrates the author’s distinct writing style for which she has an incredible knack at delivering, with raunchy punch and timely accentuation, her most raw and gut-felt emotions. Fantasy or fiction this style is a winner!

Free Fall – Racoon

The secret mysterious depths of the unknown – is the essence of this piece. The author shares with the reader his experience of stepping out of the ‘known’ and into the ‘unknown’ zones of reality. From beginning to end, this is a succinct yet inviting piece about the journey and process of experiencing that adrenalin rush and adventure in discovering the freedom of that ‘inner space’ at the bottom of the sea. The image that accompanies this piece is entered as artwork in the group and adds to this amazing – underwater experience. What an amazing space to occupy!

Full Bodied Conversations – DrJPhotography

This piece was written by DrJPhotography in reaction to a performance by Ishle Park. (See artist’s note). I watched Ishle’s live performance and it helped me appreciate DrJPhotography’s perspective. In writing this, the author attempts to and succeeds, I believe, in honouring deep erotic loving experiences between two people. The reader gets the distinct impression, that this is an experiential ‘defining moment’ for the writer, as he explores and concretizes his own sensuality and sexuality. The transforming process makes for a very good read.

Conscription Smoke -Karen01

This is a poem written in the 80s about the injustices of politics and war. It looks at the rationale that is fed to the general public and it courageously challenges it and makes a stand against war. The author relates her personal experiences and reactions to forced conscription and highlights the unfairness of the policy makers safe in their comfortable lives while her brother became a human sacrifice in their planned war. This poem urges the reader to acknowledge and validate that every life is precious and one death is a death too many. A very poignantly delivered message.

Spread The Ashes Of The Colours Over This Heart Of Mine – Sheriff

When I read this poem I was deeply moved. It adopts such an unusual approach to make its point. Sheriff provides the reader with a visual and sensate experience of his heart. In this piece, the heart is literally extracted from its body and placed ‘on the table’ creating a powerful dynamic of the frailty of human emotions while the heart sits on a cold table, being analyzed. This poem evokes a vivid sense of detachment and raw emotion which is palpable. A truly sensational piece of writing.

Poetry, Prose, Questions & Meaning Group.

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