Bridgett Ferguson Does The Featured Page

We asked Bridgett Ferguson, member since May 07 to select a some images for our featured pages and talk to us about her selections. This is what she had to say:

I have always been intrigued and perhaps consumed by the mysterious,whimsical and dark aspects of life….in song,in word and visually. I have viewed many works that have absolutely sent my imagination spiraling and left me in wonder and awe.Each piece beckoning to tell it’s story….feeding my mind with the extent of the artist’s creativity/imagination. RedBubble has given me the luxury of encountering these true
gems by providing a place for the truly amazing and talented artists on here.
Below are some magnificently beautiful and mystifying pieces by several brilliant
artists here on RedBubble. Enjoy. Peace to all.


Whimsical Tale by Lisa G

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