Anne van Alkemade Does The Featured Page

We asked Anne van Alkemade, moderator of Flash Fiction, and the Writer’s Forum and RedBubble member since April 07 to select a some images for our featured pages and talk to us about her selections. This is what she had to say:

I wanted to show the gamut of human emotion expressed through RedBubble art and I wondered how far bubblers have gone in providing such a range. There are so many amazing images and choosing was difficult so I resorted purely to my own gut reaction to them.

Big Brother by Basia McAuley’s
Love means so many things to so many people – equally so on RedBubble. I found images that translated into passion (oh so many), into the tenderness one has for small children, and the simple motherhood in the animal kingdom. But I was searching for simple, uncomplicated, enduring, everyday love and I felt this in Big Brother.

Solace by Paul D Robertson
I am in awe of Paul’s talent to express strong, often raw emotions in his art. I chose this one for the featured page because shows such tenderness.

Cover Me by Entity
I see in this image the desperate need to feel or emote in private when it is not possible. The naked soul cannot be covered, vulnerability envelops. For me, I wish to reach out and cover her.

The Insult by Shawhouse
Sometimes anger does not have to translate to rage to be truly fearsome or frightening. They say revenge is a dish best served cold – something carefully planned to damage so much more devastating than hot backlash. I could feel the darkness of cold anger rising in this image.

Guilt by Rutger
Children often teach us a thing or two about raw emotions. I searched for shame but there was scant pickings on RedBubble (much to my surprise) then looked for Guilty and found this gem. While this little one may feel guilty, he does so without shame or remorse – perhaps that comes when he’s found out.

Frozen by Grief by Lisa Weber
Grief is such an important part of emotional life and while I found a great many works on RedBubble, many of them I felt tried too hard. Some showed great pain, others pushed the dial to the other side showing the loneliness that grief can cause. But Lisa’s picture was almost like an observer standing back and letting the ‘facts’ speak for themselves – a touching scene made all the more so by Lisa’s beautiful story.

Reflection of Smiles by Anthony Asael
A real happy shot is one you look at and you can feel the warmth from the image lifting the corners of your mouth. That’s what this one does for me.

Older Woman Living Alone #2 by Christina Norwood
Depression doesn’t always (or often) show on a person’s face or, if it does, usually not the depths it can reach. I found when searching under this word, many artists showed the grief and sadness but not so much the emptiness or sense of helplessness. Christina Norwood’s “Older Woman Living Alone” series covers the emotion and its subsidiaries very well.

Jokes on Me by Rebecca Orszag
This one shows the isolation that cruelty can cause. It’s a wonderful piece so beautifully executed, showing the laughter and shock enjoyed by those who are in on the joke.

Tainted Love by Melissa Vowell and Dabble
Everyone seems to have shied right away from visual expressions of ‘hatred’ resorted to more tangible figures of hatred such as swastikas and cruelty to animals. So my search moved on to fear and I didn’t have to look far. The collaboration between Dabble and Melissa Vowell invoked within me a fear not only of the central character but whatever it was she was waiting for.

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