Andrew Walker Does the Featured Page

We asked Andrew Walker, author of The Soap Bubble and RedBubble member since July 07 to select a some images for our featured pages and talk to us about his selections. This is what he had to say:

Where were you???

I’m a medic in the Royal Navy done the job for 17 years, this girl is a medic for the US Army and is writing about the futility that you feel being there as a medic trying to save life, people die, fact of life you just wish it wasn’t the one your trying to save. it never happens like that in the movies

a shot from paul, I feel uncomfortable photographing people but like candids, this shot inspires me every time i look at it, one day Paul i’ll be good enough

Sharon Bishop is a star, she has helped me so much with my art, she has offered advise and critiqued my poor efforts, I strive to improve, with friends like Sharon I’m getting there

Flibble made me realise that I can be who I really am, let my humour out and have fun doing stuff. still wish i knew how he does what he does

this guy lives 4 watery miles away yet we have never met!

I suffer with anxiety and mood swings, this hit something inside

urban decay, i can smell it from here!

makes me giggle

love abstracts involving light

I wish i could do pictures like this, so vulnerable and beautiful

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