Sara Lamond Does the Featured Page

We asked Sara Lamond, RedBubble member since May 07 to select a some images for our featured pages and talk to us about her selections. This is what she had to say:

The works that I’ve selected have all touched me in some way emotionally – a smile, a laugh, a tear – it’s all in these.

I seldom consider the technical skill involved in my favorites – that can be learned. What really gets to me is the emotional tug that you feel when you look at an image, or read something really powerful. That work that you think about hours later, because for some reason you can’t get it off your mind. A work that is composed so thoughtfully that it makes me sigh with envy. Or a work that gets an immediate reaction – verbal – sometimes loud – even when I’m alone.

It was so hard to choose just 10, but there are works that I knew I had to include – I’ve had them in my favorites for some time, and as soon as I was asked to do this, those works popped into my mind. There are others that I found browsing through recent work, and doing random searches on even more random terms – that’s how I find a lot of what I like. If I’m thinking hunger, or love, or ocean, I type it in and see what I find.

I love finding new and interesting things, and I hope some of these inspire emotion in you.

August by easystreet
Evolution of You by Kristy Lee

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