MBartworks Does the Featured Page

We asked MBartworks, moderator of Printmakers and Printmaking and RedBubble member since May 07 to select a some images for our featured pages and talk to us about her selections. This is what she had to say:

I have for a long time had a love affair with art that tells a story and for me the illustration of chairs capture not not a story of its past occupants but it also fires up ones imagination of the possible stories involved in the past. The chair which typifies this for me the most would have to be van Gogh’s Chair. More than just a piece of furniture the chair he painted was self portrait. For this reason I paid homage to this great artist when I endevoured to capture his vision in a lino Print I created called For Vincent. This however was the beginning of my journey. RedBubble has given me the opportunity to collect, as it were, images of these fabulous representations of lives lived.

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