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Tripod Head advice.

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, apologies for posting such a banal subject.

Upon returning from a recent trip to the USA and Canada, I was forced to leave my old trusty workhorse tripod legs behind in NYC, as they were pretty much destroyed and were too heavy to bring back home due to airline weight restrictions.

I’ve decided to replace them with the reknowned Manfrotto 190XPROB legs, and to pair a new head, I’ve been looking at the Manfrotto 496RC2 or 498RC2 ballheads.

The question I’m asking is what are people’s personal preferences between these heads? The 498 has a separate pan lock which, if I need to release 2x controls to make a simple position change, then I’ll opt for the 496. I do shoot panoramas sometimes, but have good enough technique to do this handheld in decent light and match features while on a tripod.

Manfrotto 496RC2
Manfrotto 498RC2

Also, I’ve read there are big weight differences between the 2. The 498 could be too heavy, but if it’s a clear winner, I’ll purchase it over the 496.

I only ask as there are many talented photographers whos work I love and respect here, who obviously use tripod equipment regularly…

Also, please don’t say “Ignore the Manfrotto and buy this $90000000 gitzo contraption” as I’m budget limited, thanks :)


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