I Introduce Myself...

I’ve made so many introductions that I don’t ever know what to say. I, of course, am here to communicate with other artists, to browse art, and to let my art be noticed. I do many mediums such as pencil, charcoal, photo manips, photography, and mixed media types. I do more photography since it seems to be my most favorite of art :) but you’ll see others once in awhile.

I am happily married with a daughter. i wouldn’t trade them for the world. They keep me going when times are tough. My daughter is over a year old and everything to me. She can be a pain but I can’t help but spoil her. It’s that cuteness she gives off :P My husband, my souldmate, my knyght, is the best that has ever happened to me. If it wasn’t for him I’d be lost :)

To get to know me more there are of course things I love. I adore makeup, jewelry, fashion, beauty, dragons, feathers, roses, and shall I go on? It endless… :P A typical female love of the small things that don’t really matter. My most joy is art so you may see me browsing, faving, or checking out something related most of the time. At the moment I do not have any models or fancy studio setups. I wish I did, but in the near future I should have it. My models consist of my family, sometimes my friends, and myself. I could go and search for some, but being a mom isn’t as easy as it seems. The usual not finding babysitters easily, time frame being a problem, etc… But once I get things organized I will be able to do more.

My dream is to have some type of job with art. I planned on doing illustrations for cds, books, etc…, but I never really had accomplished it. I took Graphic Design for a year at college, but since I had my child I hadn’t been able to go back just yet. My knyght is the first to go so we can take it slow. Once he’s finished I’ll go back and try and get my degree. I’m not sure if I want to stick with Graphic Design, but I may go for photography or maybe general art. I want to learn it all! :P Only the future will be able to tell.

I’m not sure what else to say. If anyone would like to know more about you can always ask :) I love to talk :P

Until next time…

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