Healing the Shamanic Way

I first met Robert Hawk at the Mind, Body and Spirit event in Mansfield last October. Robert described his Shamanic Reiki course to me and I remember I was no wiser and sceptical! Let’s face it the average man or woman on the street is going to think anything Shamanic is weird, new age and mysterious at best. Or was that just me!

It was clear that Robert’s ethos is that healers should be healed themselves before attempting to heal others and I recognise the correctness of this, the pure common sense. It also fitted with my work as a coach and my own personal journey. Spiritual practice is common sense if you let go of the mind and listen. After all we are discovering what we already know. We must trust that sense of knowing and go with the flow.

I remember the distant beat of his drum on and off during the weekend. It was either annoying or soothing dependent on your state and scepticism at the time. I now know that drumming resonates with our soul and its spiritual dimension, shifts, opens and connects us with the Universe.

It wasn’t until January that I made the commitment to do Stage 1 of the Shamanic Reiki course. I was certain about being a Reiki master but I was uncertain about the route to take. I spoke to Robert numerous times before I finally committed to the six week course. Once committed I gave myself permission to get excited!

I’ve felt inspired to put pen to paper to share my experience. I want to reach out to those of you contemplating the Shamanic journey to erase some of your fears and maybe nudge you to begin.

What’s so amazing about our personal spiritual journeys are the people we become. Someone you couldn’t comprehend at the beginning. Life is really a series of little deaths and re-births. Each death and birth makes us more than the last, in each one our light shines brighter and radiates further.

There were just two of us on the course which was great because it allowed for lots of interaction and questions. I had many of those as I hadn’t removed permission from my mind to continue to “research” whether I was doing the right thing or not. The relationship I developed with Julie was a joy, warm and caring like hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in front of a roaring fire.

Key parts of the course were the Shamanic journey’s we took to our own sacred lands led by the beat of Robert’s drumming. We visited the lower and higher worlds. I met my angel guide, Sarah. My spirit guide, a wonderful huge gorgeous bear, and sat by lakes of water like glass. I sat on a crystal platform of amethyst with my celestial parents and talked in very specific terms of my life and what actions I could take to achieve my goals. The wonderful, magical worlds we visited were both inspiring and enlightening. After each journey we wrote down the insights and shared them which was both fascinating and scarey!

There were times during the course when we dissolved into fits of giggles and laughter. We must have looked like frightened rabbits or petulant children to Robert who talks so openly of what and who we can talk to on our journeys. Our journey to the plant world to converse with the spirit of Aloe Vera was my favourite. Robert decided on this particular journey as I was taking Aloe Vera. That day I even took home my own little Aloe Vera plant, which I nurture daily.

So, Shamanic healing uses magical journeys into lands created by our imaginations where we can be safe to allow our spirit to do what it needs to in order to free us from conditioning – i.e. the beliefs and attitudes that have limited us from being the person we really are. It amazed me how deeply into a meditative trance I went during the journeys and how wonderfully invigorating and thought provoking they were.

After one particular journey I had homework. The Whole-Self Hand-Dance which I did for 21 days. Once I got over the feeling of silliness I actually enjoyed the process of turning my negative associations and patterns into wonderful positive ones. I felt the energy transfer in my hands and the fuzzy feeling in my heart when I changed “unlovable” to “adored” with the synthesis of “self-love”. It’s a powerful tool for changing limiting beliefs to empowering ones, a concept I work with regularly with clients I coach.

The connection between us and the Universe becomes apparent once our awareness shifts. At our moment of birth we were handed beliefs, values and conditions of others. Once we get to a stage in our lives where we can challenge and choose what our beliefs are, that is when we are the most powerful. I am a human being with a spiritual essence the power of which I am discovering. More powerful than anything I can imagine with my mind, so I’ve stopped trying. This alone has brought me peace.

The last session of the course consisted of a trip to the woods and ended with our attunement to all Reiki energy. What a way to end the first part of the course.

During the course my mind tried at every turn to make sense of “Shamanism” and when at times it couldn’t, as a last resort it was downright rude. “This is ridiculous you’re sat in a shed meditating to the sound of a drum and you’re off in la la land.” What I’ve learnt is I love the trips to la la land; they have opened up my third eye chakra and expanded my awareness. My ego is bound to resist, it has been in control for many years and it senses a loss. My thinking mind is not who I am. I am much much more. I am the bubble blower not the bubbles.

Conversations that went something like “no it’s too weird” and “I don’t need to learn about Shamanism” ran through my mind, alongside the “well, maybe, I’m meant to do this course”, “Maybe, there’s something I don’t know and I’m wrong to dismiss it”. The truth is it’s only through taking the course that I raised and developed my awareness. We can only ever see the next step and that is the one we should concentrate on taking.

Don’t misunderstand me, there’s still a part of me that thinks it’s weird and airy fairy. What’s different is I’ve experienced the power of Shamanic healing techniques for myself.

I already know that we are so much more than our ability to see, hear, feel and think. It is our ability to use these five senses together with our intuition that elevates us from unconscious conditioned beings to conscious aware spiritual beings having a human experience. I hope you trust your intuition and if you’re reading this then maybe somewhere there’s a distant voice reminding you of something you’ve forgotten, that if you were to remember it, would open your heart and mind.

Healing the Shamanic Way

Fay Hartwell

Joined August 2008

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