Kicked off Flickr

Yesterday afternoon was looking at the Newcastle group on Flickr clicked on the link to the Australian Photographers group and it came up a sign in page. Signed in and it asked me to select a name. Went back to the newcastle group and all the topics I has started had [deleted] next to my name.

Could be one of two things (Flickr doesn’t answer emails in regards to this type of thing their decision is final.)

I got banned from one of the post one comment 5 groups for only commenting on 4. I emailed an admin and he informed me they don’t like people that can’t follow simple rules so I told him what I thought of power trippers.

The one I really think it was for was I had one of those Red bubble Buy my shot things on my Flickr profile. I think it was around 10 pictures linking straight to RB checkout. After looking around the Flickr help forum seems they don’t like 3rd party commercial posts and delete these members.
Seems groups with links to other commercial sites have been deleted and Gear For Sale threads removed.

What annoys me is Flickr didn’t even contact me to explain why they were deleting me or putting my side of the story forward. With a click of a button they can delete 900 photos and 370 contacts.

6 months into my ‘pro’ subscription for the year. Wonder if they will give me a refund.
I have signed back up to keep in touch with friends but I won’t be giving them any money.

They proved what they think of their ‘customers’ during the video debate saying “Video is here to stay, if you don’t like it leave”

It’s all about the money YAHOO, make the bottom line look got for IF Microsoft want another takeover attempt

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