The Naked Tea Party

From Monday the 18th to Saturday the 23rd (and possibly Sunday the 24th) of June, I’m going to be helping out at Edinburgh’s Festival of the Erotic Arts. I will be in the Sapphire Rooms on Lothian Road – a venue that I was pleasantly surprised to discover was much more upmarket and tasteful than I previously suspected.

I will be the host of the Naked Tea Party. Which means that for one full week, I’ll be getting showered and dressed, going out to “work” and getting undressed again – and then spending the rest of the day (hopefully) being charming, sophisticated, debonair, urbane and naked. It sounds amazing. And in a refreshing twist for me, I might not be the only naked person, for once.

So you might not fancy joining me. Or you might come along out of curiosity, but prefer not to get undressed. That’s all cool… but just a couple of hours ago, I read in the paper that we’re going to get three months worth of rain over the next three days. So is there anyone in this bleak, dismal little country who wants to escape the grim reality of a grey, grey sky that often seems to be just that little bit too close? If that’s the case, then why not come along, have a laugh and forget the misery. Don’t argue with the logic – just accept it. In my head, a bit of nudity is the perfect antidote to this kind of climate.

Just… keep on your socks. That’s the only rule. After all, we can’t have any impropriety going on, so it’s important that not every bit of clothing comes off.

So… maybe I’ll see you there.

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