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Is there something missing here ??

Dear friends,

A few days ago i got an offer to exhibit in a gallery in England.
Since I never got an offer to exhibit a few works I decided to go for it, inspite fairly high exhibition costs per m1 wall.
The contract for the exhibit was the following below here.
Does anyone of you know if this might be a good contract for me or is it only good for the gallery ? Are there crucial parts missing before I sign the contract ??

The contract:

Date: 06/02/2011
BETWEEN: Date to be Confirmed (Dates TBC)
xxxxx LIMITED trading as yyyyyy Gallery of <the address> (the Licensor)
To be Confirmed (the “Licensee”)
1. The Licensor owns a leasehold interest in and operates its business from the premises called yyyyyy Gallery (the “Premises”).
2. The Licensee wishes to exhibit works of art (“Exhibits”) at the Premises and the Licensor has agreed on the terms of this Agreement to grant the Licensee certain facilities consisting of the display of Exhibits on the internal walls of the Premises or in such other places within the Premises as the Licensor may approve and the joint use of such areas of the Premises as the Licensor may expressly authorise (the “Facilities”).
NOW IT IS AGREED as follows:
1. Period of Facilities
The Licensor agrees to grant to the Licensee the Facilities for the period commencing ‘to be confirmed’ 2011 (the “Use Period”).
2. Fees and Deposits
The Licensee shall pay to the Licensor:
2.1A fee of £XXX plus VAT and bank charges for 3 meters of gallery wall space during the Use Period. There are no additional fees for hanging, promotion or gallery staff. All fees are included.

The Exhibit takes no commission on sales (0%).
The Licensee is responsible for delivery and pickup of artworks, before and after the exhibition.
(The Exhibit Ltd) and yyyyyy Gallery will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the artwork whilst in the possession of, before and during or after exhibition dates above.

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