So as you know If you’ve been following me I’ve been doing designs on things that interest me, and my interests are varied so I have many designs on different subjects. I will continue to do more but I would like to formally introduce you to something that has gradually been building up and now I think it is time….


Fangpunk is now a staple design, almost a brand if you will, but with more meaning and more depth. The Fangpunk logo is here to stay and is very recognisable, look for the Fangpunk vampire head with sexy lips, fangs and slick sunglasses, and the Fangpunk font you will come to recognise as it morphs into different style designs.

Fangpunk is all about great music, like punk, rock and metal and loud music. We love extreme sports such as skateboarding, surfing, moto X and BMX. We love horror films and thrillers. We are passionate about all these things because its what makes us feel alive, it’s what makes us who we are!


Special notice – if you have an idea of a Fangpunk design you would like to see made, so you can wear it on a t shirt or hoody or anything else, just let us know and we will make it happen if enough of you are game! Fangpunk is all about us! So all Fangpunkers have a say in the designs we make.

Yours forever


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