What Are You Doing?

The obsession with knowing other peoples business has become the latest craze. Facebook opened up that method of seeing what your friends were up to and who they were connected with ultimately letting you into their lives as well. Twitter took the Facebook status and made it the soul purpose asking the question “What are you doing?”.

Making your life interesting in 140 characters or less is a challenge millions face everyday. When I discovered Twitter I wasn’t impressed and thought the idea to be a fad and completely stupid. Almost a year later and I tweet like the next man but still find it difficult to make my life interesting to others.

Why do I care so much about interacting with people (mainly strangers)? These people get a fake representation of me and my existence because I choose to tell them what I am doing and can fabricate the truth. Perhaps I should tweet complete lies of humongous proportions but it wouldn’t take long until I was caught out.

Doing the 365 Days portrait project already gave people an insight to my persona and life. In that year I met many Flickr members, many became close friends, and every time I was met with the words “You are much more quieter than I imagined”. This is a good example of how differently I convey my online presence. I am naturally shy and through my images I can be the outspoken life and soul of the party.

My tweets are different, I find that I tell the truth more.

“What are you doing?”

Well I just wrote a blog entry, how you like dem apples?!

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