Hello Good Evening & Welcome

It’s been A while since I have blogged and that is probably because life has managed to get in the way. For the first time that is something I am not complaining about.

A lot has happened since I closed ‘My Stars & Garters’ blog over a year ago. My ramblings on there had gotten far too personal and my dirty laundry really didn’t need to be aired to every Tom & Dick, and there are far too many Dicks on the Internet so this time around I am using Red Bubble to promote my photography and whatever attracts my attention in the world.

For those of you that have stumbled upon this from Flickr or Facebook then you will already know me pretty well but for any newbies then the short version is that I am an Englishman now living in Canada for a year on a work visa. I am in the process of trying to extend my visa because I feel its not the right time to return to the UK due to the state of the economy. Plus this is the first time for years that I find myself not living from paycheck to paycheck.

My photography is well received here in Canada because there doesn’t seem to be as many professional ones in practice compared to Brighton where I lived previously for two years. Everyone was trying to make a go of it especially with digital cameras being so affordable and technically high standard. I think I allowed myself to fade into the crowd and didn’t push at all to be noticed and settled for Flickr fame which realistically meant very little in the profit margin.

I manage a funky environmentally friendly store which sells a huge range of products from designer ware like Alessi and Blomus to fun gifts from Fred and Kikkerland. Over the past 5 months I have seen many new products introduced to the store, Lomography cameras and designer vinyl toys from Strangeco are two of my favorites.
There is nothing else like it in the area let alone the Provence which means we are receiving great success and have recently won a design award for our unique style.

Now that you are up to speed I hope I can entertain and inform you over the for seeing future. Who knows how long I can keep this up and be interesting enough to gather any sort of following. So I encourage you as readers to comment on any of my posts or pictures just so I know that you are out there. That is the one disadvantage of being a blogger, is all my ramblings falling on deaf ears.

Thanks for listening.


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