photographers brief

The Brief

Create, collect, collate, images fit for publishing a coffee table book on Generational Resemblance. This may extend to an exhibition launched at Gallery 26. Participants will receive a free copy of their image, accessible by email or online.

In detail

Our intention is to photograph families; grandparents, parents and children, children and their siblings, multi relationships, extended family, adopted family, families of different nationalities: family of all types.

We aim to reveal the physical similarities between these people: be it a whole face shape, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, profile, eyebrow arch-whatever the outstanding features are.

We will initially focus on the whole face, and then the individual aspects, not to the exclusion of the overall appearance. Eg if the pair are wearing sunglasses, but appear similar due to their cheekbones, so be it.

As well as similarity, we will make comparison of similarity despite other differences. Eg One child has blue, the other brown, both have same jaw line.

This process branches out, to show sameness and differences between siblings and parents etc.

Style of photography-variety is acceptable;
B/W, colour, grainy, sharp, studio, natural light-bright light, etc

Image quality must be minimum size__ in raw format.

Suggested locations
-Bondi Pavillion on _ (date)
-Luna Park (to be negotiated) on (date)
-at Gallery 26 (upon asking permission from Steve)
-in their homes (we go to them)
-they come to us (studio/desired location)

Who are the subjects?
-photographers may choose their own subjects (benefits-know you better, more comfortable)
-we advertise and get them to come to an appointed place at appointed time
-they walk by and get invited

Subjects must all sign release forms.

Subject combination ideas-essentially family of all types –(etc)
children and their siblings,
multi relationships: brothers, wives, children, cousins, half brothers/sisters
extended family,
adopted family,
families of different nationalities eg Indonesian mother, Greek father

Time frame
Photoshoot-one/two days at Bondi/Luna Park
All Shooting-done by the end of Jan/Feb
Photo Selection-by (date)

Exhibition at Gallery 26 –by Feb10 / (date)

Meet with Publishers (date)
Printing (date)

Photographers renumeration
We will divide 50% of profits between photographers, according to the percentage of photos used, if any. This may change, according to the publishing deal we arrange.

We promise to be transparent as possible, so please feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions.

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