Punk Rock Princess- Ch. 2

Turning the corner to Ry’s street, they again heard a familiar voice.

“Hey Ry.” Mark called out form across the street, sitting on the porch lighting up a cigarette.

“Hey” she answered waving as they passed.

“Hi E” he said, attempting to get and answer. She didn’t even acknowledge his presence.

“Can’t you just say hi to me once?” he pleaded

Silence. Ry and E kept walking.

Mark stood up and walked to his yard. “Fine, whatever. Walk off.” He called after them. “You know it’s your fault Aiden left like he did. It’s your fault he is never coming back!”

E stopped at the edge of the front steps. Anger rushed through her body. Her fists clinched. She quickly turned around and walked across the street to Mark.

“My fault?!” she screamed when she reached him. “It’s my fault?! How the hell do you get the reason it was me? I never did anything but love him. You tried so hard to get rid of me and I stayed. You know I think you just talk out of your ass! You have never said anything worth taking into consideration!”

“You changed him! Because of you he won’t talk to me. He was my life and you made him leave me behind and decide to live in California!” Mark yelled back

“Don’t you think maybe he stopped talking to you because you tried to get rid of me, the girl he is in love with? Or maybe because you shattered his jaw when I wouldn’t leave? This is not my fault! And he left me behind too!” she yelled, and then began to walk off. He grabbed her arm as she turned and pulled her back. She tried to pull away, but his grip was strong. Riley began to walk over, her face twisted with anger.

“Don’t touch me!” E screamed, again trying to pull away. Mark had her arm held so tight, her fingers began to turn numb from the lack of blood. All she felt was the strong burn of the cigarette as it pressed into her arm.

“You did this you worthless piece of shit! You should have left when I told you to!” Mark screamed close to her face. She could smell the smoke and alcohol on his breathe.


E didn’t really remember falling, but she suddenly found herself on the ground in confusion, and seeing Riley punching Mark in the jaw. He too fell to the ground. E suddenly felt the sting on her face and blood running from her nose.

“E! Are you ok?!” Ry asked kneeling down beside her.

“What just happened? I’m bleeding.” E said softly, taking her blood covered hand from her face.

“I think Mark broke your nose. Don’t worry though. I think I might have just broken his jaw.” She said with a slight smile. It soon faded as she said, “We might need to get you to the hospital, but I don’t know how.”

John finally emerged from the house. He looked in the yard in shock to find E with blood on her face and hand, and Mark lying still in the grass, holding his face.

“What the hell happened out here?!” He said as he went to check on Mark.

“That asshole is living, that’s what happened!” Ry yelled getting up from E’s side.

Mark sat up, still holding his jaw, and attempted to say something. His face twisted in pain when he tried to open his mouth.

“Look, they both need to go to the hospital now. Will you drive us? I’ll explain on the way.” Ry pleaded him. She was looking at E when she was saying this. E was on the ground, legs sprawled, looking like a three year old. She was staring off at her hand, still looking confused. Blood was steadily flowing from her nose.

John looked at Mark, then at E. He then stood up and went back to the house. “Give me a minute to find my keys” he said as the screen door shut.

Ry knelt down next to E. She seemed to be losing a lot of blood and was in shock from the pain. From what she had seen, it didn’t look like Mark hit her that hard.

“E you need to stop the bleeding. Hold your nose or something.” Ry said, lifting E’s head to look at her injury.

“I think I ruined my gloves.” E said really quiet. “When are we going? I’m a little dizzy.”

Right then John came out of the house. He handed Ry an old towel for E then helped Mark up and into the car.

“We are leaving now E, you have to get up. And hold this to your nose ok?” Ry softly said as she helped her off the ground and into the backseat of the car.

Looking back, E doesn’t even remember the ride to the hospital. She faintly remembers Ry explaining to John what happened and Mark attempting his input, but other than that she was lost in her own world. She kept flashing back to memories of her and Aiden. She remembered the night they started talking and the night Ry forced him to tell E he liked her. Her favorite memory was the night she told him she was in love with him. He was so excited it made her feel wonderful. She thought she would never be able to replace that feeling.

The next night was when she and Mark fought. She remembered what he had said and called her, then Aiden saying he needed to go to the hospital because of Mark. He made sure to tell her he loved her before going. She replayed his words over and over. E doesn’t remember anything other than that until she was in a hospital bed with voices all around her.


E opened her eyes at the sound of her name. “What happened?” she asked a blurry faced Ry.

“Apparently between the shock of the pain and the loss of blood you passed out.” Ry said, finally coming into focus. E could see a slight smile of relief on her face. “You have good timing though. It was right when we walked into the doors of the emergency room.”

“My head hurts.” E said, rubbing the back of her head.

“Oh, yeah, you hit your head on the counter on the way down. I was telling a nurse what happened and kind of forgot you where dizzy and let you go. But don’t worry you don’t have a concussion.” Ry told her.

“Well I guess that makes it all better then. Where are Mark and John?” E asked, gently touching her now bandaged nose.

“Mark is getting an X- ray done and John is sitting in the waiting room filling out forms. I started yours while you where passed out. It’s a good thing you are seventeen, because we would have had to call your mom if you where a minor. I don’t know how we are going to explain this too her.” Ry explained. She then said with a laugh, “Oh and they put you on Aiden’s favorite thing in the world.”

“Morphine? Must be why I don’t hurt now. Just don’t let me get high off of it like he does.” E laughed back.

“I can’t believe you actually yelled at him. That’s not like you to cause waves. You must really care about A.” Ry said as she sat back in her chair.

“A? So you still think he needs a nickname like mine huh? E smiled as she said. “But yes, I do really care about him. I can’t explain why since he can be an ass and he disappeared on me, but I don’t want to lose him.”

“Well now you two are more a like. You both broke something standing up for each other. And by the same person too.” Ry said jokingly.

“You where scared weren’t you?” E said smiling at Ry

“Of Mark? Ha you are joking right? That guy is a wimp. You could have taken him if you hadn’t been a wimp yourself and gone into shock.” She laughed back.

“Thanks for calling me a wimp.” E said looking down and playing with her hands, “I was talking about when I got hit. It scared you. And me passing out scared you too, didn’t it?”

Ry looked down at the floor. “Yeah, I was scared. You never do anything like this to me. You always play it safe so you don’t get hurt. I prepared myself to take Aiden or Justin to the hospital, but not you.”

Justin was introduced to Ry by John. It also turns out that he is good friends with Aiden. After a few days of hanging out with him, Justin asked Ry out. To E and Aiden, they made the strangest most abusive couple. They fought constantly and didn’t show much affection. But Justin made sure everyone knew she was his and was constantly taking her out for the day to have fun and buy her things. None of them, not even Aiden, where sure where he got the money for it, because he never told them what his job was or even where it was.

“It’s a family business. I work with my uncle.” Is all he would tell them when they asked.

“He took me out there once to get a paycheck, but I had to wait in the car. It’s weird I know, but that’s just Justin. He keeps everything a secret, even his cell phone number.” Aiden told E and Ry when they asked if he knew anything.

“Yeah, I’ve made myself ready for that too. But now they are both in California, so I guess we don’t have to worry as much now.” E said softly as she played with the ring again. Ry knew this meant she was thinking about something hard, but she didn’t dare ask what.

“Yeah, I guess not.” Ry answered back, still staring at the floor.

It was silent for a moment before John came bursting in the room frustrated, “I don’t know half the shit these forms are asking about Mark!” he said. “How does any human remember all of this information about one person?” He was waving around the papers as he said this, then pulled up a chair next to Ry. Her and E laughed at his tantrum.

“I was able to fill out almost all of E’s papers. I just don’t know all of the insurance questions.” Ry said with a smile.

John stared at her for a second before saying, “You are girls, you tell each other everything.” He set the papers on the bedside table, and then lay back in his chair.

“Or we just remember things better than guys do. And you guys keep too many secrets anyway.” E told him.

“Most of the time it’s better to keep secrets. You don’t get in trouble that way. Like Mark should have shut up about you and Aiden. All he thought about was you, not that you had Ry backing you up. If he would have thought of that he would have kept his mouth shut instead of her doing that for him.” John said half jokingly.

“He never thinks about anything. You should know that already, I mean why do you think he is living with you now.” Ry answered. “All he does is cause trouble. He’s selfish and only thinks of what he wants.”

“Yeah, but he’s good business.” John said”

Just then, a nurse came into the room looking, around for a second. “There you are. We have been looking for you sir. Mr. Harris is out of X-ray now, please come with me.

John got up and left the room with the nurse as the doctor taking care of E came in.

“It’s nice to see you awake. You scared a few people out there.” He said with a small laugh. “Well Mrs. Mitchel, it turns out you have a fractured nose. The pressure from where the brake was what sent you into shock and you passed out. Your face is going to be sore for awhile, and a little bruised but you will be fine. Now, I must ask, how did this happen?”

Suddenly, John came in the room looking for the papers he left in there. E looked at him for a second before saying, “It was just an accident. We were outside playing around and Mark got a little rough. I guess we did too.”

Ry and John looked at her for a second in confusion. John then left after coming back to the world and the doctor asking him what he was doing in there.

“Well try to be more careful from now on. We will let you stay and rest here a little longer, then you can go home.” The doctor said as he walked out of the room.

“You just covered for what Mark did to you. Why did you do that? He will just end up hurting you again. It wasn’t an accident. I wouldn’t have covered for his ass any day.” Ry said staring at E.

“Like John said, it’s better to keep some things a secret so you don’t get in trouble.” E answered staring down at her hands.

Punk Rock Princess- Ch. 2


Irving, United States

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