Where are the designers?

Where are the designers?

I was introduced to this site by a good friend of mine who is also a designer (and a photographer) and got really hooked… but I had forgotten the reason why I joined this website. DESIGNERS! Specifically Graphic Designers… All these days, I have looked through so much work and I hardly seem to find any designs. 95% of the work that I have seen is photography. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE looking at photos but I’d like to see some designers’ work. I originally came here to get inspired by other people like myself who are looking to work with others et al but I really haven’t found many.

Let me also say what I really am. I am NOT a photographer! I have been a WEB DESIGNER since the time I found out what it was, erm.. at the age of 12 or something? I work as a professional web designer at a government run organisation Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and getting paid a lot more than people of my age. I got interested in Graphic Designs a couple of years ago and just got super obsessed with modernity and contemporary arts. I was into drawing and painting so I had done my basics at school and got a good grade but I was best at Computing so I pursued this as my major in college and I took a small course of Graphics alongside it. By the end of my first year, I got so fed up of computing that I totally didn’t want to do it any longer. This is where my Graphics came in. I was already designing for fun for years and years alongside my websites but this was when I started taking it all very seriously. I’m now in my last year of college (and getting ready to go to University, if you know the British system) and take this as my profession.

I don’t know why I just rambled on about all my life LOL..

Anyway, so since I didn’t find many designers here, I thought that the main interest would be photography as I have mostly seen only the photographs… and as you can see from my work, I started uploading my lame photographs, which are getting appreciated but I didn’t want them to take away the attention that my graphics should be taking!


If you guys know any good (or even bad) designers that I can look up? The photographs that I look at do not inspire me to do anything other than search through my hard drive for good photos that might gain some interest of others.

PS: Posted as a forum topic but journals seem to be much more active! :-/

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