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That was the week that was...

Sunday again. I’m not entirely sure where the week went! Another Monday and then it’s April. Let’s hope the weather gets a bit more springlike. We’ve had the coldest Easter for donkey’s years.
I’ve just posted 3 new paintings. The images are not big enough to make every kind of print (should ever anyone want one) and I will replace them, but I must take the photos outside the there’s a high wind today, so short of nailing the paintings down I can’t deal with the photography. My “field” easel fell over immediately. Mind you, it always does, even if there’s no wind! A useless construction. Only usable in a foot of mud to anchor the feet. But who wants to stand in a foot of mud to paint?
I worked on some pastels and have two new abstracts plotted out and waiting for attention. I gave myself a week off writing and translating, but will post some more past work soon – as soon as I’ve edited it! Amazing how many mistakes slip through the net…
I am exploring RedBubble quite methodically and am pleased to have found some groups to join. It’s probably the best, if not the only way of becoming known here – and of finding kindred spirits. I was particularly gratified to find the “AW refugee” group. Online galleries all have a lot in common, but some are definitely more attractive than others! I hope RB lives up to it’s reputation and what I have seen so far.
Happy what ever it is you’re doing!
Incidentally, this weeks title originated as one for a UK comedy radio (and TV?) programme that took the previous week apart in a disrespectful if not downright scurrilous, but highly amusing way!

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