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Day 1

Wow! RedBubble is a hive of activity! I’m new here but already getting into the swing! To tide me over till I have time to write something new, here’s an extract from the artist’s statement on my main website:

So what is going on in my paintings?…… many of my paintings are – sort of – abstract and I try to give them voices of their own rather than pinning labels on them, though I have to confess that I would rather have any title on a painting rather than none at all! Giving a painting “voices” is certainly an extension of my composing techniques in music. I am basically trying to transform sound into colour, so colour is really a major factor. Maybe a good name for this would be “tonal painting”
I am looking for new forms of expression, very modestly trying to discover something new rather than imitating what has been done before. But this does not mean that I do not admire the work of many painters, famous and otherwise. They include Georgia O’Keeffe (of course), Matisse, Cézanne, Vincent van Gogh, Renoir, Kandinsky, Manet, Picasso, Paul Klee (earlier works) and many more. ……..
I would rather the paintings spoke for themselves. If you like them, that’s great. They are visual evidence of my search for personal expression. Or are they? When I look at some of them I can’t connect to having painted them, but I assure you that I did, so my subconscious is certainly wrapped up in the process. All the abstracts are entirely original. The figurative works are often adapted from photos I took and edited myself, but that’s because it’s impossible to paint in oils at speed, unless you go for small alla prima works. You have to keep records of what you are painting, as the process can take weeks or months. That’s one good reason for painting abstracts. They seem to metamorphose all by themselves. I usually photograph them at various stages of development, and they usually end up quite differently from the way they started out and remain a source of constant surprise right up to the end. Not only that, but some of my abstract paintings are multi-directional i.e. they are still coherent when hung a different way up, so if someone likes to hang a painting at a different angle, that’s fine. Don’t be irritated by the signature. I once exhibited a painting, noticed it wasn’t signed, so signed it only to discover that I had signed it top and bottom! Your eyes will tell you if it’s a satisfactory solution for you……

I expect that reveals enough about the painter side of me for one day.

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