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Thanks for calling in.

Someone might notice that I have quitted several groups during the past few days.
It isn’t that the novelty has worn off. I think the groups are a great idea, but I found that I was gradually falling into the AW trap of just catering for RB and the groups and of course, that isn’t the object of the exercise, at least, not for me.
I have left all the groups that I cannot really serve well, be it one dealing more and more concentratedly with people’s psychotic problems (sort of like an outpatients’ advisory bureau – surprising enough at such a venue, but obviously well-received), or one catering for curves, cats or whatever, and I may need to drop others, too. I’m sure they are ideal for the people who really can “serve” them and vice versa, but for me they were becoming something of a bind. I need to move forward on my own impetus without putting arbitrary restrictions on myself and also think it is better to make room for people who really are into the group thing. I always was a loner and quite like it that way.
At the moment my fiction writing is also taking a back seat. I need to get the Christmas arrangements (yes Christmas 2008) fixed for my chorus and that always takes many hours. And I have started to prepare new artworks for a solo exhibition at the end of the year. A big task because my whole approach to painting seems to have undergone a metamorphosis and I don’t want to exhibit old stuff. But getting the new ideas into concrete form is a big challenge from within!

I do call in frequently and enjoy the art and writing. When I have time I place comments. I will upload work as and when it is ready, of course. But I am not planning to enter any challenges in the near future.

I wish everyone success and joy.

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