What A Wonderful World

What a life
Hazy eyed blood shot women
Working the steam filled streets of night
With a pot belly forming its third month
Who’s the father, doctor layer, lieutenant
Who had a fifty or a few ounces?
The father whose their left
Bruised needle points mark her upper arm

Another conservative judge on the court

Overthrows Roe v. Wade, separation of church and state
Right to lifers want to save life
They want all life
They want an unwanted crack baby
With no love, into the world

Defects, Defects, Defects

A crack baby born, with plastic powered lungs
Tied up to a machine from eyes open, to eyes close
Mama couldn’t mother such a baby
The conservatives only know how to father
But hey, Their point was made, and it’s alive.

Alive it is, tied to a hospital bed
With i.v.’s covering up to it’s head
Legs to small to move, body to old for legs
Such a life is lived, and hey it’s alive
They say the child will live into it’s twenty’s
Oh…..what a wonderful world

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