Red Fawn Tale

This tale was brought to my attention upon a travel one day stopped by a red light in a small town. A very quaint used bookstore caught my eye and for reasons still unknown today I felt compelled to go inside. The finding of the book that holds this wonderful tale states apparently the origin started with the Red Fawn Chihuahua breed, but also leads one to believe that this miracle it is not limited to just one particular breed of canine. The mysterious special event that happens mystify most who hear of the tale and for some, is hard to believe that these miracles ever really occurred.

Each time new puppies are born to the Red Fawn Chihuahua breed a stirring of excitement happens among this canine population. An old tale’s existence and has been passed down through time dated back to the era when dogs were protected and considered to be royalty.The Red Fawn Chihuahua Tale states that upon certain births of new ~Red Fawn Chihuahuas a beautiful magical aura can be visible. This rare and wonderful happening fills each of the chosen with individual assigned tasks and special needs that have to be completed. These chosen few tiny Chihuahuas are vitally important to the canine world and they are recognized and given the gift of the greatest honor that can be given to any pup.Great responsibilities to these small young Chihuahuas are special ones and are considered ~ guardians~ for their breed. The chosen ones have to complete what lay ahead and if they fail the results very sad to say could result in an extinction of their breed. The tale reads that in the event of crisis is when this occurs. The cries of desperation and sadness are too overwhelming and help for the Chihuahua is greatly needed. Ringing throughout the universe the cries stir the sky shaking the stars that wake the ancient Chihuahua elders. These elders gather together, rotate in circles so fast like beams of light around the stars creating a force that bring stars together. An ignition of bright light like fireworks clearly is visible when the stars are brought together. An embrace shared between the stars and the love of the hugs shared create magical shiny dust that little star faeries go to gather and that magical dust is what is sprinkled upon the pups who are chosen. This magical dust allows those pups and their own inner strength to shine intensely bright. The reflection is actually the aura that if one were to witness actually sees. Chihuahuas at their birth understand when selected this is their destiny and proudly take their place with honor. They have been called upon and heed their elder’s request.

This magical dust adds to the ability of the pups, to reach and aid every need from the cries of Chihuahuas without homes, love, starving or suffering from being abused. In the moment when the aura appears signs that the chosen ones have already been given their tasks and is a difficult period for the families of each Chihuahua and they all hope that the pups are able to be successful in their tasks. Endurance, strength and a strong bloodline are needed and play a very important role in the selection of the special canines. These responsibilities would be too great for a single Chihuahua so more than one Chihuahua are chosen.

The moment when the magical aura glows all the pups are gone in flash. The resemblance as a shooting star that is seen in a night sky. Once all tasks reach completion and all Chihuahuas rescued, gifts of hugs and love are delivered, and the spreading of happiness diminishing pains from abuse are healed these courageous small yet mighty dogs are returned to their home. In the blink of an eye is their return and just the pups had left. The magical aura’s glow that was in the sky vanishes as suddenly it had appeared and a sigh of relief is shown by the canine elders and the families of the Chihuahuas involved as for the Chihuahuas human companions and family members there is no recollection of their pet being away from home during this event as part of the strength of the shiny magical dust that the faeries sprinkled onto the pups it had effected all human family companions and members. They would not have the memory and remember their pup was gone from home. Thank goodness for the shiny magical dust preventing memory of the event because the love of a human is very powerful and the loyalty to their human family could interfere with the pups ability preventing the completion of their tasks. A human missing their loved pet is very strong emotion and would be too hard for a pup to ignore even during this most important time for the Chihuahua. These feelings since the interference could happen so memories of this secret event are not preferred, but in rare occurrences happened.

Once all Chihuahuas are settled in their homes and their lives have the appearance of normal to their human companions but something more is happening in the canine world. Chihuahuas and other canines that see a chosen one’s mark do not hesitate to spread the news. The barks and howls speak to all canines that they have seen the mark on one of the chosen. The mark displayed somewhere on their body usually is displayed and to have this special mark shows every breed of canine that they were called and were chosen to do the special tasks and to aid the needs of their breed. This barking spreads quickly through the canine world spoke in every language and across the whole universe. Canines who hear and see the marked Chihuahuas know that the balance, peace, love and harmony has been restored for the Chihuahua breed and with it brings a time of celebration filling everyone with happiness and joy.A reminder with this event lets all breeds realize that a time could arrive when special need for their kind too could come. Every Chihuahua needs love as every animal or pet of every breed. Show them you care for them love and give hugs to them too. Always protect and keep them safe remembering that they are special and family to you. Treat them with patience and with understanding and know inside every canine resides the willingness and if they are chosen they will heed upon if a time arrives when their breed has need that could arise.A thought for you to think about, the next time you are hugging your lovable Chihuahua or any loved canine. Look closely to see if you notice anything or something slightly different? Is there a mark somewhere displayed, maybe inconspicuously. If your Chihuahua carries the mark then know you are in a special family and part of something that happened maybe without your knowledge. A part of a family you have just read Red Fawn Chihuahua Tale, so listen to as your senses they will be a bit more sensitive and keen. Maybe you won’t completely understand when you feel a little nudge to do something out of the blue or maybe something you wouldn’t normally do, but you will.The End~

Jd Anderson/ FDW

Red Fawn Tale

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Powell, United States

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A short story I created and have attempted to write something other than poetry.

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