Lip Gloss

I’m a guy just like any other guy. I like girls and the things they do. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m the romantic type, hopeless as I may be. A broken heart has to start somewhere right? Well, my broken heart began with HER. What did she see in a geek like myself? Was there something that she felt needed to be stripped of my soul? I’ll never truly know how I ended up with a girl like that…
It was late October and the leaves were falling steadily now. Halloween was just around the corner and preparations for the parties to come were at hand. In this little town, Halloween is one of the greatest holidays of the year held in the highest regards, even higher than Christmas some would say. During this day, the whole town dresses up in their best, most unique costumes that they make themselves. Can you believe it? Each person takes the time to create their own costume! Even the young children make their own, but they are mostly white bed sheets with holes cut for the eyes. Some people actually go into great detail about the trim and color of what they wear that even a single misplaced stitch is means for a total do-over. The seriousness that these people have for such a day is overwhelming.
My costume this year was to be that of a jester. I’ve worked day and night all month long to get it just perfect, with it’s crimson cloth, silver trim, and black tufts coming out of the sleeves and around the neck. It also had the bells on the hat, not just any bells though…for me, the bells had to mean something, they had to hold a purpose. The bells were the ones I received at an end of school party we had in our 10th grade class, I was given the bells by four girls that I would have never expected. Somehow, each of these beautiful girls had a crush on me at one point or another, that in itself I found truly amazing. So, I dubbed the bells as good luck charms, mainly for the purpose of successfully talking with girls.
Alas! My costume was complete and I even went the extra mile to construct a mask fit for a king’s jester, pointy nose and all. Now all that was needed was to find out where and when the town party would be held, which is more difficult than it would seem. The townspeople try to keep the location and time of the gathering a secret until it is unveiled, however there are a lucky few who can trick the leaders of the event into talking. I was usually one of these little tricksters, seeing as I had a tongue as smooth as silk when it came to talking to the more mature people. Talk a little about the weather, what sports teams you hoped would win this season, gradually move into talk about ballroom dancing and the like, then hit them with the question so they are off guard. It has never failed me before. My victim this year would be the town mayor.
As I walked up to the mayor’s house, costume in hand, I began to wonder if this year’s party would be greater than that of last year’s. The only way to find out would be to attend, and that was my motivation. Getting to the party early and knowing the groundwork is a must for the games that would be held. There I stood, after ascending the last of the nine steps to the front door, preparing the speech I hoped would confuse the mayor into talking, and with that, I began to knock.
The door slowly creaked open and there stood a rather tall, light skinned man in his forties. “Why hello there! It’s nice to see you up and about at such a young age. And what’s this you’ve got here? Looks like another stunning disguise by the town’s best costume designer!” he said, sounding as if he had not the time to create his own.
“Why yes, it is what I’ll be wearing this year on the greatest of holidays. I just finished the last touches on it and I was hoping you would be the first to see it and tell me if you see something flawed in it,” I responded with a slightly worried tone in my voice.
“Ofcourse my boy! Let’s have a look at what you have here,” and with that I handed him the costume. “Let’s see…hmmm…it appears to be perfectly fine. A great work of art if I do say so myself! Wonderfully constructed!”
“Thank you sir. Do you think it will be stunning enough to win this year’s contest? I truly hope it is…”
“Well, I haven’t seen anyone else’s yet, but if you ask me, I believe you have quite a high chance this year. Last year you were robbed, that Annie girl’s costume was purchased from a store in Seattle…everyone knows that.”
“I guess so, but do you think this one is good enough to beat even a custom, store-bought one?”
“It’s your best work of art yet, to say the least. There is no doubt in my mind that you have the highest chance of winning this year’s costume contest.”
Now was my opportunity. I actually had in mind a location that I thought they would use. It would be perfect for all the people to enter, sit down or dance, and play all the games. With the mayor’s mind fresh on the contest, I decided to try and ease the answer out of him. “So, I guess I’ll be seeing you at the old Philman’s barn at noon then?”
“Why so early? The festivities don’t start until around 3…you sly little dog you.”
I knew that the mayor wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, but that was just too easy for me. “Heh, I see you noticed what you just said. I was hoping I could get there early, just like every year. You know I like to see where the games are in advance.”
“Yeah, yeah, but just don’t tell anyone that I was the one that told you, sound like a deal?”
“Definitely a deal, no one will ever know you told me.” Soon after, I descended the steps I had climbed earlier and began my walk home.
I’m not quite sure what triggered it, but as I was walking down the street towards my house, I started to think about girls and the Halloween party. I hadn’t had a girlfriend in quite some time now, I had just turned 18 and I hadn’t kissed a girl in over a year. Was I content with the life I was living? Alone and without a relationship? I don’t think so. I know I had the urge to be with someone I could say I was in a relationship with. A long-term relationship, seeing as all my others had never been longer than a month. So, there was my goal for the end of the month.

Lip Gloss

Siah Fade

Tacoma, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

A story I started to write a few years ago. I didn’t read all of it before posting, be gentle! :P

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