Please, Save My Soul

It has to be a dream. No…I’m slipping again. All too real are the tragedies this world, Kismet, faces since The Ending. Memories being the most profound torture of all…or the greatest of motivators. Eye of the beholder I suppose.
Voices are what drove us. We heard them over datacasts, on the visionscreens, inside of each and every mobile speech-box. The Voices proclaimed a truce between our world and theirs so that both should reap mutual support in advancing our civilizations.
The land saw peace as the rulers of this planet banded together under such misleading pretenses. No one can blame them though, we all fell for it…after all, who’s going to ignore a matter as fantastic as it seemed? Two worlds, united.
Work began swiftly to create a device…forgive me, device is a great understatement as to how vast an area this technology would cover. It would seem fit to call it a city rather than a device. The design the Voices broadcast to us called for a machine that was large enough to hold an entire army in its interior. No one questioned the Voices’ intentions as we interweaved large cables between metal plates and thick gratings. You could feel the energy pulsing towards you, like the gripping fear when suddenly facing a great predator. The feeling alone should have halted any further development of the titan.
Within two moons the creation was complete. Celebrations could be heard through the thickest of walls. They were coming, it was really here. Preparation was coming to an end. No one though…not a single soul was ready.
As Kismet counted down to the activation of the goliath, you could see the smiles and hear the joyful screams. 3…2…1… All power from surrounding towns shut down to muscle the beast into life. Flashes of red and blue fumes rose together. The monstrous net of cables shined bright and cast a sickly green glow among the awaiting audience. Soon after, a noise began to surface amid the center of the mechanism, quiet at first but very swiftly grew into a deafening roar. The spectators clasped hands over their ears while still excitedly watching the epicenter.
The maelstrom of activity seemed like it could go on no longer. Then…oddly enough, everything started to calm. The noise died down, the shining cables dimmed. The number of bewildered and amazed faces couldn’t be counted. Most thought it was over. However, no event thus far could compare to what came next. A faint light could be seen emerging from amid the once chaotic core. This pale radiance remained weak for what seemed an eternity. Out of nowhere an explosion of luminescence filled the sky, draining all color and shadow out of everything in sight. The beam was so intense, all sound was washed away and a blinding silence fell over all the light encompassed.
We couldn’t tell when the White Barrier had dissipated, nor did we acknowledge it happened. There was no warning. There was no time. Where once there was light was now a massive cloud of swirling dust…and the screams. Thousands of men, women and children dressed in dull, torn clothes ran in any direction they could to escape the unseen horrors that awaited. The occasional blast of gunfire could be heard from within followed by shrieks of anguish. Some of us ran side by side with the new occupants of Kismet, the rest stared in awe…unable to remove their eyes from the events that were bound to ensue.
They came in groups; leaping, running, even stumbling to their victims. Foul beings relentlessly ravaged my fellow people using teeth and claws, tearing flesh from bone. The thought of the grisly sight rippled through my body, ripping my heart out of my throat. An overwhelming panic swept over the crowd. It was every man… woman… and child… for himself.
It became a race to find any feasible shelter to evade these new demons. Grown men threw smaller, defenseless people to the ground in their flee of terror. Mothers could be seen weeping loudly over fallen offspring trampled to death by the stampede. Any person caught in the open was devoured without a moment’s notice. I fled. That’s all I can remember before blacking out.

Please, Save My Soul

Siah Fade

Tacoma, United States

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Artist's Description

A story about a post-apocalyptic world, how it came to be, and our hero. (Part 1)

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