Paint, wood and all existing thereafter chips away revealing this…barren terrain.
No More Vacation by Siah Fade What the F by Siah Fade Ducks by Siah Fade Epic Mustache by Siah Fade Bubblies by Siah Fade Boys Toys? by Siah Fade ZOMG BACON by Siah Fade Sunnyside Up by Siah Fade Scratch My Back by Siah Fade Need a Light? by Siah Fade It's a Trap! by Siah Fade My One, My Only, Everything I need by Siah Fade The Tattered Remains Project by Siah Fade Goob by Siah Fade Burlap? by Siah Fade Blurp by Siah Fade


You left me alone / You ran from your own / As I walked the path / And opened doors / You were bleeding from your throne / I hope it was wo…

Fear of the Unknown?

Aliens bother not, home invasion phobia.

Bad Joke

Dark room. Sudden shock. Bowels evacuated.

Uh oh

Bologna prank. Car paint peeling. / ….crap
Peek-a-Boo! by Siah Fade

The Looking Glass

The world through the looking glass / Distorted as it is / Always being changed by / The dirt that’s on the lens

Fangs of a Vampire

As the life drains from your body / The people they never saw / The vampire that was on your neck / Or the blood that he would draw / Caugh…

Sweet Crimson Dreams

Be at peace this quickly coming sunrise / You need your daily rest / Tranquility in dreams is what I surmise / As you are sung a dark, cryp…

Vampire Lullaby

Go to sleep this morning / Sweet little child / For soon you shall roam / The dark midnight streets / The people shall walk today / While i…

Lip Gloss

I’m a guy just like any other guy. I like girls and the things they do. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m the romantic type, hopel…

Please, Save My Soul

It has to be a dream. No…I’m slipping again. All too real are the tragedies this world, Kismet, faces since The Ending.


I met a man who was terrorized by nothing / Yet he seemed so uncomfortable there / Taunted by no visible being / Sitting on his little wood…


In my dreams it works out perfect / No drama or fine print / Only kissing and caressing / The things you find dreams to be made of / But yo…


The king’s evil crusaders / Crossed the burning bridges in my head / A golden fairy told me that / It’s all psycho-logical

These Nights Spent Thinking


The Script Laid Unto Paper

As I walked in so quietly / I saw her there with tools in hand / No more emotions left to escape / Flawless in the execution / The blade fe…


It’s just not the same / The way I touch your hand or hold / Your fingertips in mine will never / Feel the same way as before / Not after o…

A Cold Night on a Hill

The stars they’re so bright tonight / They shine in your eyes / It’s giving me chills / For the first time it feels so right / Can’t stop h…

Memories of the Hatter

You whispered soft and spoke to me / The perfect words came out in hunted truth / With open eyes I came to see / I didn’t need, I didn’t ne…

Meat, Friend

Ring around the table / These numbers are not able / To kill them all, we’d rise and fall / An epic, failing, fable
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