Conflicting Thoughts

The mind is quite an oddity in my opinion. The reality we see is merely what our brain percieves to be true. Our thoughts and emotions are based on a programmed piece of flesh that can limit us in our daily lives. What may be true for some may not be true to others.

Every single person on this planet is capable of good and evil. However, when the line between the two is blurred, there can be some confusion as to who is who. What might help in the decision of who to follow is the patience to see what goals there are, and how they affect all involved parties. Chances are, if a person has goals to strictly improve his/her own way of life with little remorse or regret for others, the person is probably not gonna be the one to follow. If a person has goals set out to assist those in need, to help those struggling, or to simply sit by your side to support you and make your day better, he is probably going to mean a lot in your life and you should stick by him.

Everyone has hard times, no one can deny that. When we are at our weakest is the time we need help the most. We’ll turn stubborn, irritable, downright mean…but we don’t intend it. I apologize on behalf of all the stressed out, scared, distant, and depressed people. We don’t mean it, honestly…we’re just having a hard time putting our words together. Chances are we still love you too. :P

Keep an open mind
Be patient in collecting the right information
See the truth in everything you do
Don’t be too swift to make a harsh judgement
Enjoy the world in all of its beauty

Just thought I’d throw in some “rules” I try to stick to. :)

You know where to reach me,

I’ve realized a lot of people on redbubble like to go with safe comments when leaving compliments on work. Many go with the usual “Nice! I love it!” but fail to explain why they feel that way or what makes them think it’s great. I’m not saying anything is wrong there, but I believe we can all try a little harder and be original and thought provoking.

The way I see it is like a math problem. After recieving the problem, we come up with a solution, it’s there, it’s visible, it’s a good answer. However, in coming up with the solution, we fail to see the process…where did it go? We can’t exactly enjoy the math in its entirety if we don’t have all the parts…

Let’s bring out the process people ;)

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