New Group up and running!

Check out the group Lifting the Veil Paranormal Studies if you’re interested in ghosts and ghoulies. A warning though, this group will scrutinize your work if you submit pictures of orbs or ecto, etc. We want to strive for the top quality pictures here, if you’re curious about what other possibilities might be in your picture, definitely hit up this group. We’ll be glad to let you know if we think it has other options rather than being a ghost.…

This group is also for paranormal artwork, we’ll be glad to stop by your page and drop a few comments or constructive criticism. Please don’t take any statements personally, we really do just want to help you achieve the best you’re capable of. If at any time you’re uncomfortable with the comments you’re getting, feel free to let a host know or sta

What what?!

Pretty stoked. I found an artist that wants to collaborate with me for a possible one-time graphic novel based on Meat, Friend and then if that goes well, we’ll be setting up a series to try and have published at a later date.

The art will be more along the horror/macabre Vasquez style for the most part, to give you an idea of what she’s capable of. Also I’m trying to get her involved with redbubble because her paintings (which are really 3D sculptures on canvas) are bad freaking ass.

Anyway, if she gets up and running on here, I’ll be sure to let everyone know ^^

Thanks for tuning in and you’ll hear from me here and there!


Picking at the brain

Warning: This will most likely bore the hell out of you. This is more for me than anyone else. But if you’re really that bored, feel free to continue.…

I’ve come to realize a few things since I’ve been back in Washington.

a. Having my feelings and emotions tied down inside to try and deal with alone is the cause of a lot of my anxiety.
b. I enjoy helping others when they’re willing to accept it.
c. There are a lot of things that draw me to Washington. There’s probably more frustrations that tend to push me away.

I’ve never really been a person to rely on others to help me with my thoughts or problems. In fact, I truly believed that I couldn’t trust anyone else with my feelings. This isn’t that macho “you’re a pussy if you cry” shit, more of a concern that anyone I open up to will end up just

Conflicting Thoughts

The mind is quite an oddity in my opinion. The reality we see is merely what our brain percieves to be true. Our thoughts and emotions are based on a programmed piece of flesh that can limit us in our daily lives. What may be true for some may not be true to others.…

Every single person on this planet is capable of good and evil. However, when the line between the two is blurred, there can be some confusion as to who is who. What might help in the decision of who to follow is the patience to see what goals there are, and how they affect all involved parties. Chances are, if a person has goals to strictly improve his/her own way of life with little remorse or regret for others, the person is probably not gonna be the one to follow. If a person has goals set out to assist those in need, to h

Oct. 14th came and went

There was a lot of commotion about the whole “mass UFO uncloaking” that was supposed to take place yesterday, Oct. 14th, 2008. I’m frankly not surprised no giant UFOs appeared, however, I do believe there were 3 occasions yesterday where I experienced something I can’t identify 100%.…

1. In the A.M. hours, around 11 I think, I saw what looked to be a circle/oval of light about 3-6 feet across with a rainbow colored rim around it. This object was mostly transparent and I could see the building across from mine easily through it. After I turned and saw this thing, it stayed stationary for 2 seconds before ascending up into the sky. I saw this object through my sliding glass door (I live in apartments and the building across is about 20-30 feet away) I didn’t move when I saw this light. I tri


Holy Diver!
You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea.
Oh, what’s becoming of me?

Seeing everyones’ work and loving how open you all are about it. No one hides. This is a rather truthful community. It inspires me.

Ride the tiger.
You can see his stripes but you know he’s clean.
Oh, don’t you see what I mean.

More work. More work will be done. We must spread the truth, be accepting and encouraging with others. We all have different experiences and they should be shared so more will learn from them. I may only be ranting…but I’m still doing it. :)

Gotta get away.
Holy Diver!

See you all around more often.
~Fade ;P

Thanks for the Welcome

I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking over the past couple weeks. I’ve decided I needed to start being more creative…well, I suppose that’s correct. I have had an urge to be creative, but recently decided the proper outlet to use.

I will be producing art in the following forms:
Music-FL Studios work mostly. I will be creating a new myspace for it.
Writing-I’ve come up with a rather formal approach to stories. I’ll be writing some longer ones. :P
Visual-I would like to get back into doing Vector work and manipulations. Kind of rusty though.

So yeah, keep an eye out. I’ll try to update this site as much as possible.

And thanks for dropping by,
Fade :)

New to the Bubble

It is painfully obvious. You need to have some kind of visual art displayed on your page to get any attention. People apparently lack the desire and/or ability to read.

I don’t blame them though. Why read a word when a picture is worth 1000?

Hopeishly getting some visual art up and running. Perhaps a few shirts, a manip here or there…yes….quite nice.

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait