Acoustic Experiment #42*, Wildrose Charcoal Kilns, Death Valley

The Wildrose Charcoal Kilns are located in the “yh-ton-pau-ute” Canyon on the western side of the majestic Panamint Mountains in Death Valley. Each of the ten beehive-shaped kilns stands about twenty-five feet tall and has a circumference of approximately thirty feet inside, giving them a natural rich ambient resonance with the deep echoing acoustics of such a massive stone structure.

All of the Kiln’s held 42 cords of Pinyon Pine logs and would, after burning for a week, produce 2,000 bushels of charcoal. Inside they are pitch black from 100 plus years and countless tons of wood being suffocated of its oxygen, resulting in the production rich pure soft carbon black textured walls. Dotting along the inside soot covered elliptical surfaces of these domes, appear smaller holes. Airports that, were plugged-up once the roasting ovens inside had initiated their combustion.

Sitting there, unobtrusively in the very center of the stone-hive, isolated, after dark. The starlight and moonlight now begin to enter forth through these smaller ocular-apertures splashing about onto and, about the walls, illuminating the inside carbon-black canvas, like a miniature, surreal planetarium, the orbs and shafts of luminosity, gradually moving and shifting evenly with the rotation of this earths reality through space. The patterns of this unknown zodiac curved along it’s own cosmic starlit path, within, and, the dimensions of it’s own space-time, without, all the while enfolded in it’s sympathetic harmony’s and stillness,es’, alike.

Serenaded by the acoustics of a guitar and the resonant reinforcements of the domes natural echo and, the deeper long-wave reflections from the gravity-well’s located in the vast Death Valley below, rediscovering tranquil epiphany’s, in that moment, and before.

Temporal Acoustic Recordings Experiment #42* available upon request.

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