" i "

A bastion of temporal whim and caprice, pulled out of the abysmal soup of the collective unconscious, to emerge as a shinning paragon of selective aloofness, and singular identification.

The towering capital rising up strong, hard, veined, and conspicuous, evoking envy from any other Psychiatric value.

To look upon the shinning form, breathless, set against bedrock, yet, illuminating it’s drab surroundings with airy light, the colors of cosmic transcendentally and quantum singularity.

Graciously punctuated from above by the splendid circle portraying the essence of the curved space time occupied and, constantly reflecting back to oneself the hue and glory metaphysical, yet, nonetheless sustaining in worth, from it’s very reflective nature, upon the wondrousness below.

This is the window of my souls psychopathology held within its introspective psychodynamics and, now, finally able to expound on a subject well within the depths, and breath, and scope of total understanding.

Separate from the common now and, individualized from yesterdays, today’s, and tomorrows.

What vowel is not diminished by the very presence? (From the least, which is of course; “U”, but also, by the over used, however irrelevant; “E”, and almost as, a solitary an identifier as; “A”, with the acceptable homage of the; “O”).

No philosopher, or shaman, or saint has not recognized the beauty and espoused consistent and continuing ongoing worship and investigation, to this endless source of inspiration, and as many who have tried, in their spiritual consternation to relegate, or diminish, itself, all, yes all, have returned to embrace this construct, of the lavish, self, ergo ego.

Were there another mirror to gaze and facet upon this beauty, would this be so, and certain hopes that this may indeed be availed in the understanding of the parallel universe theory, that with, the many of the same, in infinite depths, of an infinite universe, of an infinite numbers, of this divine, one.

Oh but there were more hours in each moment to catch a further glimpse of such phenomenal reflection of perfection.

Chorus Aside:
· Having a realistic, grandiose sense of self-importance
· Preoccupied with unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
· Knowingly “special” and unique
· Requiring understandably excessive admiration and attention
· Endowed with a sense of expected entitlement
· Rightfully interpersonally exploitative
· Always maintaining keen constant self empathy
· Never envious of others, but knows, others are envious
· Correctly arrogant, and haughty in behaviors and attitudes toward all
· oh, “ i “

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