It's amazing what a massage can do for you...

Well today was officially a no work day. I make myself do this every now and again. I have had a lot on my mind so decided a bit of pampering was the key and it was. Don’t worry I wasn’t catapulted off a bed, although that has happened to me before but instead I had some time to relax and think…

I thought about imagery and how we create our images. Why do we create our images and what are we trying to say? It is quite a strange thing if you think of it in terms of survival and instinct- how would that have worked in caveman times. “Actually wait a second there is the perfect image- you keep our food at bay and I will just capture it. The tribe will love it for the cave walls!” So with all this in mind the reason I could really find is that we need to create a sense of connection to the world around us and that by photographing we are trying to comprehend what we are surrounded by. Maybe it is as simple as stating that we have been present and that this is evidence of our lives. So with this in mind I realised that on a deeper level photography makes you feel alive, records your life and gives you the opportunity to express who you are. Quite wonderful really and now it is available for all….

It is amazing what a massage can do for you.

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