As luck would have it...

For all of you who read my journals you must think I have the strangest life… Well it is true, it is very much a case of climb the mountain and have a ski back down. I think that is why I love life so much I experience the highs and trudge through the mud in the lows. So this week I won the lottery, a whole £83.50, then got the parking ticket. Then two days ago I went for the best run I have had in a while, I was completely energetic then two hours later got the novo virus. This is the virus that is knocking people out and making them very sick… Ironically the time that I had while being ill was actually a time to think and take stock. So what I realised was that I was so lucky to have found red bubble because it makes you realise there are fellow creatives out there. In a way it gives you validation and makes you feel good enough. I know that sounds strange but when you have had your work rejected you do begin to doubt yourself. So knowing there are people who love searching for the beauty and capturing it… It made me realise as much as a struggle in some really quite mundane jobs while gradually building up stock and imagery for galleries- it is all okay. We can’t all just win the jackpot on the lottery, we can’t all just miraculously walk into being a film star. Sometimes it is nice to enjoy the moment.

So while I was thinking this, inbetween boughts of illness, I got a phone call confirming I have an exhibition at the end of january. I had just been ill for about the 30th time and had to hold it together to get dates and plan of action. My life is so strange, I answered the phone call in the bathroom, if they had any idea…. So as luck would have it I have a new exhbition… Light hearts and travel…

Anyway I hope this entertains you… When I read over this I wonder what on earth is going on sometimes! Although I think that in a couple of years time I will look back and be highly amused!

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