To give you an idea about my model

I have to say ‘she’ is so great. She has endured numerous freak weather conditions, laughed at me laying flat in mud. Today we were in hysterics about the fact I was dressed in old tracksuit bottoms and a fleece knowing very well I would end up caked in mud, endure a sand storm or just sit in a puddle. With all this in mind we went and had lunch in a very well to do restaurant. I was too nervous about visiting the bathrooms because I did not want to walk across the room looking like a chav. There were a lot of wealthy people present- the kind who look down their nose and give each other ‘those looks’. So rather than leave the table we sat laughing which did not help the matter. Finally I had to venture across the room and realised not only did I look might fine in my baggy bummed trousers but I also had odd socks on. Woops. I am soooo stylish!

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