An accidental tooth brush moment.

Well this one has to be shared, I think I surpassed myself this time.

Two of my best friends came to stay over this weekend, and with all best friends there are things you share and things you don’t. So whilst my friend was booking her train ticket I decided to clean my teeth. There she is on the phone talking to national rail enquiries and I am scrubbing away at my gnashers.

After a moment she stopped in horror and froze whilst looking at me. She then started gesturing at her mouth and shaking her head. What was wrong? Finally she said excuse me to the person on the other end of the phone. ’That’s my toothbrush!’

I stopped and stared at the toothbrush, admittedly it had felt different, but I thought that was just me. It turns out what had happened was she had accidentally knocked my toothbrush from where I kept it, so it was on the floor by the loo. Being a creature of habit I picked up the toothbrush that was in its place. What made it even more amusing was that it looked like I had intentionally caught her at a moment where she couldn’t do anything about it and it appeared like I had done it on purpose. Ha ha I am cleaning my teeth with your toothbrush.

Unfortunately at the realisation I started gagging and had to spit out the tooth paste because I started thinking about stale food between teeth over a period of time. I tell you we laughed so hard it hurt. I could not believe what I had done. It is always me and there is always a story.

Moral of the story: check the floor next to the toilet for your own toothbrush before you use anyone elses! Nice eh?

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