A bit of bad Salsa.... Woops

Well for those that don’t know me in person. I am close to six foot tall and enjoy partaking in the world of Salsa. It is sociable, fun and where else can you shake your posterior profusely in public? So there we are: unhindered bum shaking. Anyway I had a bit of an awkward incident the other week that my friends have requested that I share with the world….

So at Salsa the women and men form a circle so that you are able to dance with a variety of partners. Kind of like dance speed dating, although you don’t generally want to date the guys afterwards… It is just a ‘said’ thing that when a guy Salsas that he can not be monogomous. Who knows whether it is true, you can’t really find out… Not with all of them!

Anyway so side step speed dating it was with a salsa move. Since I am so tall for a girl and wear dancing shoes I find it difficult to dance with some of the guys who quite often are level with my chest. Great for them, not so great for me! One time we did a move which I named the ‘boob’ move where the guy went wrong and ended up with his face in my chest. He was so mortified that he froze. I had to crouch and step backwards to get away. In a state of shock he remained petrified to the spot until the dance instructor went over to see if he was alright. It was as if he had been suspended in time. Very odd.

So the other evening we had a move called Mambo medico which involves the guy putting both of his elbows over yours and placing you in a kind of arm lock. I was quite successful with a number of guys until I came to the Peruvian. He hates dancing with me, the top of his head is level with my bra strap. Whenever I dance with him he tells me that ‘he is tall in his country’.

We begin to dance and already he can’t reach over my arm so I crouch down to make it easier and be level with him. In this crouch he puts the arms in the correct position which is like being held in a strangle hold. Well of course it is at this moment that the instructor stops everyone and explains how to get out of it. Now after a few minutes of remaining in the crouching strangle hold position my hamstring feels like it is going to cramp. The pair of us are close to the middle of the circle anyway. So my hamstring feels odd so I stand up quickly. Obviously we are still in this hold when I realised the peruvian guy is suspended from my arms, his feet dangling in the air. Everyone stopped and were silent, each quite astonished by the sight and the peruvian shouting ‘put me down’. The thing is if I crouched down I’d get cramp, so I had to drop him. I let go, he fell and the crowd was silent. His whole masculinity was… well how do I put it…. destroyed – he did not find it in the least bit amusing. It was not intentional, but he flushed red and said to me ‘I am tall in my country!’

Moral of the story: don’t enact being a fork lift truck with a peruvian man who is tall in his country!

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  • Karen Cougan