Locked in a military base because of a creative moment.

Well adventures are never adventures unless there is a worthwhile story at the end. This weekend as always was fruitful in terms of endeavours.

Saturday I spent at a horse show in Exeter where I found a baby of nine months riding a horse. Yes they start them young. In fact the child was so young that it was riding the horse in a basket. So effectively it was a baby in a basket! i know. They day was lovely, baking and the horses took rather a liking to me. It was when I was photographing that a horse decided to have a nibble at my hair. Yes it is red and quite shinny but I did not think that it looked like hay.

Sunday was where it all went wrong, well kind of. I thought it was great.

Bovington is a military camp where there are quite a number of tanks. Now each year Bovington, because it has a lot of land, holds horse trials here. I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph. After spending most of the day sat in a bush I decided to get some great shots of horse jumping a wooden tank. I then went for a wonder to photograph the horses. Horses are incredibly clever and have their own personalities. It was then I realised that one said horse was playing a game with me. Every time I went to photograph it, it turned its bottom towards me. The final blow was when it passed wind rather loudly in my direction. Just as it did this someone passed by and said ’it’s trying to tell you something.’
What would it be trying to tell me? Was that horse language for sod off. Or was it cleverly speaking through its arse?

I soon lost interest in the horse and posterial conversation and it was then I noticed a field of dandy lions. I thought to myself ah here is a chance to get some creative imagery. So I took a little wonder across to the field. Admittedly it was the end of the day and people were packing up. Now when you get creative it seems that time disolves, well it does for me. Anyway once I had got the wonderful shot I was looking for I turned around and all the gates had been locked. No-one had seen me because I had been laying in long grass. Ideal for the profession of sniper, not so ideal if you would like to go home. So I did my best attempt at not panicking and went for a stroll along the fence to find a way out. Unfortunately the fence is covered in barbed wire to stop people getting in. I tell you at this point I thought I was going to have to camp out. The sun started making its decent to the horizon and there was really no way out.

So what did you do? Make a tunnel? Too much work? Work out ways to scale the fence or maybe start shouting. I didn’t do any because as luck would have it, the land keeper was driving along in his tractor. Well that was it, I gathered up all my equipment and ran like fury to the part of the field he was on. To say he was surprised to see me was an understatement. ‘What you mean they left you in here?’ he said. ‘I knows what you were upto – you were mislead into the forest by a young soldier weren’t you?’ The answer to that was no. I was mislead by a small plant in some grass. I was not going to tell him that, he might think that I was insane. Anyway he kindly made me stand on his trailer, told me to hold on and then drove me through the military base. Was it embarrassing standing on the trailer and being paraded through numerous soldiers milling around? Well the answer was yes! Anyway I was lucky enough to be taken to a gate where my car was parked. And the land keeper smiled. ‘I reckon you did that on purpose. you’re not a spy are you?’

Well if you were you would hardly say yes. If you said no they would suspect you.

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