I don’t know whether it was a fascination with life that got me into photography or something else. From a young age I loved to observe and draw. Though when there was a camera in my hand something else happened. The camera gave me an excuse to explore the world and capture moments, it gave me a sense of connection. There was a beauty in that for me.

I travelled and travelled for seven years, but then I had one of ‘those years’ where things got a little too exciting: ships sinking, volcanoes erupting, a little too close to bombing- you know how it is. I realised it was time to come home and put work out into the world. I have recently won a series of awards including a couple travel photography. For me it isn’t about acclaim- instead it is that fact I love being able to create beautiful images of our astounding planet. I certainly hope you like what you see. Most of my pictures have a story, I try to add that to the write up. I intend for my images to be more than just an image- maybe a connection or a feeling. Whatever it is I hope it makes you feel good.

Please enjoy.


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My first children’s book: Goylegate – One Gargantuan Scandal.

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Just a little more!

At seven thirty in the morning I stood on the dock gazing up at a pristine white ship. A man hung from a harness polishing a brass bell on the side of the bridge wing. The ship was a pure white, hotty amongst the world of cruise ships. She was graceful and exuded class. I instantly liked her. Already I was impressed by her curvature, her cleanliness and her elegant presence. / Upon arrival I s…
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Okay... Here is a snippet of the book!

Amy stood next to me. ‘I can’t wait to get onboard and see my boyfriend we are going to break the bed when we see each other.’ / ‘Is he really heavy?’ Or was it strange ship ritual for arrival? / She smiled, ‘no we haven’t seen each other for two months. We have some catching up to do.’ / Lovely! Why do people feel the need to inform strangers of their sexual escapades? / Once inside the ship the…
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Real life on ship blogging and red bubble front page...

Okay I admit that I haven’t been on for a while but I have been editing my new book and blogging it as I edit… The book is a real look behind the scenes of what happens on a cruise ship… Scandalous does not describe the half of it… If you are interested… I think a number of you / http://beneaththesurfacecruise.blogspot.com/2010_01_13_archive.html / Then of course I …
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The word hectic never fully describes my life...

The word hectic never fully describes my life… I think that if I was obseving my plate balancing, twiriling life I would be somewhat amused. I feel like I am balancing on a large balls whilst rolling down a hill spinning plates…. It seems that oscillation is the key here. When something goes wrong it goes really wrong, then something good comes of it. Take for example the exhaust fell…
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