Pizzas and meth

Pizzas and meth

forever cold once again

But once again / again and again / I woke up / wanting to be / forever numbed

Just a tree of life above me

In the left ear / A swish / In the right / A crash / My body fell fell / Through the air / To the earth / Into the darkened hole / An…

insurmountable (rev.1)

Transmission has died / The signal lost / No / reception / No / recepient / Dead airwaves / Empty spaces / Ice and glaciers / You / and I /…


Transmission has died / The signal lost / No reception / No recepient / Dead airwaves / Empty spaces / Ice and glaciers / You and I …


Removing each layer of skin / Epdidermis and muscle away / Escaping where you touched my face / Until only a blood stained skull / Was l…

Or maybe there never was

You close your eyes / And pretend there are no more / No more nightmares / Knocking at the front door


Beating thumping heart / Touching grasping hope / Failing crashing down / Remembering longing lost

Goodbye, ash and soul

Now he finds himself looking out shattered windows / Where the songs of passing birds and cool air / Creep in to ease the burden of the d…

the children will be alright, alirght!

they pretend that the children / will be alright, alright! / but the butterflies are now frozen / and the dirt is death

Our demise (ramble)

Sing a song in your tomb / It’s all gone / The pain the life / This is our demise

This is our demise

It’s all gone / The pain the life / This is our demise / End end end / Creeps away the sky

I cannot escape it

This is all / I cannot escape it.


She’s gone ahead / Left / The ship is sunk / And the room / Dark

in the hazard of the night

Your fat lips no longer / linger / On my starving and enslaved / lips,

Creeping through the curtains of yesterday

Ghost who hides in the tombs / And disappears in the day

Getting out of the sand

On my cheek / Words whispering forth / Stating love / And devotion

In the kitchen

spaces between / When you were here / Proclaiming your devotion / Until / That burned down

On: off.

Reminds me / Of her / Kisses, / After I turned / You / Off.

Try Harder!

Stumbling closer still, / To the fiery gates, / Only to realize they were / Only lukewarm. / And then I was / Informed: / I just wasn̵…

remind me again

remind me again / why there’s a sun in the sky / tell me with your sweet words / that there’s more / then just these memories…

May the gifts you leave be your bones.

Merry Christmas / All you panty wastes / And disembowled / Assholes.

And please walk away

Remember to throw some dirt / On where you buried me

After births

Maybe it was my blood dripping, / Or maybe it was just / my lies,

Fucking and remorse

Maybe it was my blood dripping, / Or maybe it was just / my lies,

Your lips no longer

My eyes may still go blind / After days of focusing on / The images you’ve sent,

Little black spot.

There’s a little black / Spot in my heart.

Came for you in my sunken dream.

Or came for / You in / My sunken dream. / The ships / Captain / is sinking.

drink my blood with me

Can be / There as / Can be / Ropes, / Knives,

The lizard rock garden

I stopped on the side / Of this street, / With unease building up / And I vomited / Into the lizard rock / Garden.

shuffling through my pants pockets

shuffling through my pants / pocket, / fumbling for / the reset button

Empty covers and regret

In the darkness / Of my bedroom, / Under these velvet covers, / I can still see / Your naked body.

Likely I was still alive.

The many arms of the spider give them direction.

touch my beard in the dark

just / come here / baby / so i can kiss / you once more

creeping closer.

no longer sleeping next to you / never again one day / brings the nightmares back / into my plane of sight

let go and wither, i guess

someone else’s / love, / passion, / tenderness

with your what was what could be (rough draft)

it doesn’t make my heart beat again / but that’s the story / and here i am / waiting for you

a collapsing heart (the flowers in the field)

instead of holding you / and looking into your eyes / i have / this / a collapsing heart / (for you: listen to The Magnetic Fields When …

just turning off the oven

now that you’ve turned away / and wrote my ending for me / as a beautifully drunken goddess at dusk would

looking away from what you were to me

your little mouth with / matching lips, / kissed me in ways / better left in the dark

Bending light through darkness

No words / spoken / can save us / From our ending.

The car is breaking down

I got a text from her yesterday, / Explaining this and that / And how it was over. / Just like / that.

a neutral zone of flimsy dreams and piles of dust

that someday i will have forgotten, / about the pretty pieces that made you important to me, / that someday will just be lost in a neutral…

maybe we were never there anyway

i cannot say goodbye enough / to bring you back again / and that’s where the problems flourish

Moonshine in my dummy mind

There’s moonshine in your eyes / That drunken my reasonable mind / Into falling in love again, / And again, / Every night and day.

Lynchburg, Ohio.

moth infested grays and / farmer dirt browns. / A collection of still volatile / Mortar and shells.

Kitty kitty going to the city city

Kitty kitty / Was the song / Mouse squeaked / Before the lights / Went / Out / Out.

saying goodbye in smoke

on this open sea / kissing me / so violently now

That makes me a man.

a special kind of man / a killing man / gun in my hand / rulin’ this god damned land

removing your face

you see / i miss feeling you / under my knife / in the summertime / removing your face / from my memory
Zebra swallowtail butterfly resting on leaf color photo 1 by Jason Franklin Funny Butterfly Photo black and white staff only by Jason Franklin Orange Sulphur butterfly macro on petals color photo 2 by Jason Franklin Blue Morpho underside butterfly color photo 1 by Jason Franklin Little boy blowing bubbles black and white photo 1 by Jason Franklin Macro vibrating background yellow flower photo by Jason Franklin Macro of Flower black and white photo 1 tulip? by Jason Franklin Young and old alike Great Grandfather and grandson at the pond on bench  by Jason Franklin Memory of flight shadow of jet fighter wwii plane by Jason Franklin Boy looking into jet airplane thruster black and white by Jason Franklin Airplane shadow play Photo 2 by Jason Franklin Airplane shadow play Photo 1  by Jason Franklin Beautiful Plane black and gold  by Jason Franklin Black and White Silver Propellers  by Jason Franklin Tiger Shark Airplane WWII  by Jason Franklin

no more defenses

i wish i had a face / to hold in my hands
The Rip Macro Reversed  by Jason Franklin Reverse Macro Flower 1 by Jason Franklin

I wanted to leave this behind

Stepping out / I remembered summer rain / as the dog licked / my wet legs / free of water and cleanliness

that meaningful sin

take cover, my lover / this book is bleeding / it’s the raping season

the emptied sea of you and me

only one boundless mass / uncontrolled and / beautiful

And that wasn’t enough

She found herself on the ledge / And that wasn’t enough

i played it again (rev)

and i played it again / one more million / times / just to hear / that echo

and i played it again

i turned the machine / off but the song / kept on playing / in my mudded-up head

i am lost

my eyes are / stern and set / on a shedding skin / of the rattlesnake

from a million fallen birds

but that’s something / i guess / we can suppress each sing-song / breath / as we take our last one

watchin’ your soul depart

was watchin’ your / soul depart / from the earth / and it didn’t even stop / to pay the handling fees / as you slipped away

FUCK! the robots

and posting / post-it notes of remorse / about eating / your tasty bits

outdated seeds

the perfect faces / resting with delicate abandon / on the t.v. screens and / condom boxes, / they are above you / with your ugly though…

My rusted capsule.

Lavished / in the queen’s / lingerie, / you possess my thin mind. / With smothering hips / and mockingbird lips,
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