scratching off winning numbers that never were won

that you were too shy to pluck / sitting on your bar stool / closer to drool and fools / then cleaning up / these open sores

i’ve mistaken a few of the prettier ones

sold secrets / for the “joy of sex” / and unwrapped peaceful harbors / for dividends of illicit pain

that set you on fire

your bones are words / that meant something concrete, / the blood now oxidized / carried the oxygen to your brain / where the pretty words…

there is love, being a clown, throwing grenades

there is love / a broken down beater / overheating and spewing steam / and making an awful racket

enough to fill the port-a-potty/pretty as a gende…

hey, it’s easier to make no sense / of all this senselessness / better to buy a car bomb / with a cherry on top

oh well, let’s all go to hell

my eyes are / between day and night / somewhere / underwear / lurk / for the comforts of bed

free kitten signs and construction signs

my thoughts are bouncing / around and around / like spinning ufos / in desert skies

to roast my marshmallows for the lord

i will not stop / to roast my marshmallows / (you know what i mean! / my little jelly beans!) / on burning corpses

the jesus fried taco stand

whatever makes / jesus taste the best / they can give it to you / for only 99 cents

be lucid by not drinking quite as much

you must travel and unravel the open skin, / these rivers of guilt / and if you look in the / upcoming distance / sifting through the silt…

twinkie and abandon all hope

why not eat a twinkie / and fill it with extra whipped cream? / or abandon all hope / and drink the clorox

wandering mental illness

as i slouch over

that feeling is just a hole in your stomach/ the …

bleeding raptured through inverse actions / you get it now / this is fools golden love / a paupers crown

done some right and wrong

done some right / done some wrong

bugs splattering yellow

it was just me / blue jeans and thermal / green gap shirt / sitting here listening to

Laika Dog, aboard Sputnik 2, November 3, 1957 (po…

first earthling to see us / from above the clouds / i wonder what she was thinking / going so fast, so far away / from the streets of Mos…

by drugs i only mean sleeping pills

the drugs, the wine, the / better emotions are / false and mutually / divorced of feeling

and the sound you’re hearing? moans

put me back together with / whatever glue you can find / and the sound you’re hearing? / moans

a half-naked turtlethinker

the sprouting plant is neither meat / nor flesh / nor dream nor hostel for happy prayer

to be kept alive/memories of love

memories laced with poisons, / ether and formaldehyde, / to keep them pretty much / alive,

Victus Mortuus Yum-Yum

dancing wildly, eating excitedly / swimming in a jelly of brain and fat

this loving monster

to make it all go / down easier / there is a cup of blood / with a splash of what / was made of you,

the common connection

open the eyes, / remove the nerve that / connects the brain, / replace with soft images / of flesh that seems familiar / but distant

floating above the world

then i close my eyes, / hear a whisper slipping through / and then it rests on my palm

where you stood is shadow

the earth shatters / into so many moments and / there is debris / and memories scattered

the night turned into fire

i looked up for a moment / and saw light / and heard whisperings / into my head they snaked

when the creeping/the new wave

your hair trails behind / as the rope tightens too fast

with the first step into your gravity

i have crash landed, / my energy is used, / spent, / there is no escape
Macey posing dark with bone on pillow 1 by Jason Franklin Franklin Ohio railway (further back) 1  by Jason Franklin Franklin Ohio railway bridge 1  by Jason Franklin Tahoe Pines Near the top 1 by Jason Franklin Tahoe Corgi One Blue Eye 1 by Jason Franklin

leaving only footsteps in snow

grasping for it would only let it go, / then you are gone / leaving only footsteps in snow

it’s the same now

praising your god or your disease / it’s the same now / it never mattered anyhow

exploding from each other

but now with our scientific compassions / we are released into space / like debris

a moody poem about despair and ghosts

like old heart / on a silken pillow / which is now a shadow / a pile of dust

another refill

another refill / the sky elevates / into space / warmth replaced / with degrees too low / to recount / now / sitting here / propped u…

water for my dog, a deal

drink too much from the / finest crystal / or from a dirty dog dish, / it leads to the same / misdirections, / contraceptions / and hes…

Felix, a bamboo plant

she was only an annual / brilliantly beautiful and rich / with yellow petals and green stem
Hell's Storm In a Dream 1 by Jason Franklin Cades Cove B&W Smoky Mountains Valley 1  by Jason Franklin Sleeping Child Or Sleeping Panda by Jason Franklin Soft focus flower yellow 1 by Jason Franklin Yellow Flower raindrops abstract 2 by Jason Franklin flower petal detail raindrops 1  by Jason Franklin Yellow Flower 1  by Jason Franklin Iris petal with raindrops 1  by Jason Franklin Petal Abstraction 1  by Jason Franklin Iris 1  by Jason Franklin
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