Black and White Silver Propellers  by Jason Franklin Abstraction film advance issue Hasseblad 500C and 80mm by Jason Franklin Cades Cove B&W Smoky Mountains Valley 1  by Jason Franklin Hell's Storm In a Dream 1 by Jason Franklin Late Eve Flowers 3.22.12 7 by Jason Franklin Late Eve Flowers 3.22.12 8 by Jason Franklin Late Eve Flowers 3.22.12 1  by Jason Franklin Late Eve Flowers 3.22.12 2 by Jason Franklin Franklin Ohio railway bridge 1  by Jason Franklin

bury it in silk and dirty poems

just deep enough / where / the worms / can get / to it
Fuji X10 macro shot of ELH bulb detail 1  by Jason Franklin Franklin Ohio railway (further back) 1  by Jason Franklin Lens Reversal of old camera part sepia toned 1 by Jason Franklin Tahoe Pines Near the top 1 by Jason Franklin Tape dog, Tapedog. 3. peeing on fire hydrant  by Jason Franklin Iris 1  by Jason Franklin Late Eve Flowers 3.22.12 5 by Jason Franklin Late Eve Flowers 3.22.12 6 by Jason Franklin Star Rose not bloomed black and white digital image by Jason Franklin Sleeping Child Or Sleeping Panda by Jason Franklin Flower at night 3 by Jason Franklin

this loving monster

to make it all go / down easier / there is a cup of blood / with a splash of what / was made of you,

your favorite laundry cleaner

put them on gentle cycle / clean up those dirty / undies / and put a smile on your lips / cause that’s a gun in your / mouth

Moonshine in my dummy mind

There’s moonshine in your eyes / That drunken my reasonable mind / Into falling in love again, / And again, / Every night and day.
Macey posing dark with bone on pillow 1 by Jason Franklin

let go and wither, i guess

someone else’s / love, / passion, / tenderness
Flower blooming b&w detail reversed lens by Jason Franklin

i wish i had some salt.

leaving behind wet trails / memories lingering behind them / glistening beautifully in the morning light / i wish i had some salt.
Naked Lady flower detail blooming color squared by Jason Franklin

remind me again

remind me again / why there’s a sun in the sky / tell me with your sweet words / that there’s more / then just these memories…
Iris petal with raindrops 1  by Jason Franklin bee in flight color detail shot flowers by Jason Franklin

night lingers forward

descend with me / for just a little / while longer / as we half-close / our drunken / eyes / to block-out / the burning night / from our…

In the kitchen

spaces between / When you were here / Proclaiming your devotion / Until / That burned down

Creeping through the curtains of yesterday

Ghost who hides in the tombs / And disappears in the day
Very yellow lens reversal flower stamen pollen macro 1 by Jason Franklin

Goodbye, ash and soul

Now he finds himself looking out shattered windows / Where the songs of passing birds and cool air / Creep in to ease the burden of the d…

My rusted capsule.

Lavished / in the queen’s / lingerie, / you possess my thin mind. / With smothering hips / and mockingbird lips,

the emptied sea of you and me

only one boundless mass / uncontrolled and / beautiful
wild flower detail with rain drop on bloom B&W  by Jason Franklin

watchin’ your soul depart

was watchin’ your / soul depart / from the earth / and it didn’t even stop / to pay the handling fees / as you slipped away

Felix, a bamboo plant

she was only an annual / brilliantly beautiful and rich / with yellow petals and green stem

and i played it again

i turned the machine / off but the song / kept on playing / in my mudded-up head

Kitty kitty going to the city city

Kitty kitty / Was the song / Mouse squeaked / Before the lights / Went / Out / Out.

a collapsing heart (the flowers in the field)

instead of holding you / and looking into your eyes / i have / this / a collapsing heart / (for you: listen to The Magnetic Fields When …

the children will be alright, alirght!

they pretend that the children / will be alright, alright! / but the butterflies are now frozen / and the dirt is death

Try Harder!

Stumbling closer still, / To the fiery gates, / Only to realize they were / Only lukewarm. / And then I was / Informed: / I just wasn̵…

leaving only footsteps in snow

grasping for it would only let it go, / then you are gone / leaving only footsteps in snow

i played it again (rev)

and i played it again / one more million / times / just to hear / that echo

my head explodes

let’s go crazy and make this / real / peel off the skin / icing like sin

it will be awful

a little taste of rotten morsels / a little bit of fun / just make sure your have something for the morning sun

touch my beard in the dark

just / come here / baby / so i can kiss / you once more

my bones are dancing

and darling / i don’t even remember your name anymore

Your lips no longer

My eyes may still go blind / After days of focusing on / The images you’ve sent,

laced with poison and betrayal

the digging of your grave / was the making of my bed / the lines we took unlocked / the sequence that fled / out from the holes

the night turned into fire

i looked up for a moment / and saw light / and heard whisperings / into my head they snaked

i am lost

my eyes are / stern and set / on a shedding skin / of the rattlesnake
Tape dog, Tapedog 4, parking lot  by Jason Franklin

saying goodbye in smoke

on this open sea / kissing me / so violently now

flightless birds

they still see me / through the portal of time / maybe they can travel / beyond death

removing your face

you see / i miss feeling you / under my knife / in the summertime / removing your face / from my memory

“i want to die thinking of you”

but i just can’t / get past your echoin’ / whispers, / and the hint of / your perfume / that disables my mind / in our cold / bed…

Every bone with sharpened metal.

And just spread my skin / Apart / From horns to heart
Flower at night 1  by Jason Franklin

Getting out of the sand

On my cheek / Words whispering forth / Stating love / And devotion

Fucking and remorse

Maybe it was my blood dripping, / Or maybe it was just / my lies,
Fuji X10 macro shot of ELH bulb detail 2 by Jason Franklin

the condom machine

oh condom machine / love me again / oh taker of spare change / empty my demon seeds / oh oh oh

that old devil didn’t even say goodbye

the bed this morning / was as empty as my / broken clock / just used rubbers / and empty medicine bottles / littering the soiled floor

there is love, being a clown, throwing grenades

there is love / a broken down beater / overheating and spewing steam / and making an awful racket

that set you on fire

your bones are words / that meant something concrete, / the blood now oxidized / carried the oxygen to your brain / where the pretty words…

forever cold once again

But once again / again and again / I woke up / wanting to be / forever numbed

The naked alien

I can still read the saved text messages / And they seemed real enough

lordy lordy

heaven / is a great cloud to visit / when your summer is free / of constructed spaces

That makes me a man.

a special kind of man / a killing man / gun in my hand / rulin’ this god damned land

Lynchburg, Ohio.

moth infested grays and / farmer dirt browns. / A collection of still volatile / Mortar and shells.

i want to sleepwalk with you

that maybe you were real once / or maybe you were only my dream / or something that invades / our reality from time to time / just to fu…

without you, my little boy

with you / i am / everything good / smiling clowns / lions cleaning their cubs / diseases in remission / a heart in submission

After births

Maybe it was my blood dripping, / Or maybe it was just / my lies,

the falling photographer and his beheading

on one floor a janitor was wiping up some vomit / expelled by the whore who had been paid / to eat excrement for the pity of the paying au…
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