Recent Death

Pizzas and meth

Pizzas and meth

Just a tree of life above me

In the left ear / A swish / In the right / A crash / My body fell fell / Through the air / To the earth / Into the darkened hole / An…

Goodbye, ash and soul

Now he finds himself looking out shattered windows / Where the songs of passing birds and cool air / Creep in to ease the burden of the d…

In the kitchen

spaces between / When you were here / Proclaiming your devotion / Until / That burned down

remind me again

remind me again / why there’s a sun in the sky / tell me with your sweet words / that there’s more / then just these memories…

May the gifts you leave be your bones.

Merry Christmas / All you panty wastes / And disembowled / Assholes.

And please walk away

Remember to throw some dirt / On where you buried me

After births

Maybe it was my blood dripping, / Or maybe it was just / my lies,

drink my blood with me

Can be / There as / Can be / Ropes, / Knives,

Likely I was still alive.

The many arms of the spider give them direction.

maybe we were never there anyway

i cannot say goodbye enough / to bring you back again / and that’s where the problems flourish

Kitty kitty going to the city city

Kitty kitty / Was the song / Mouse squeaked / Before the lights / Went / Out / Out.

saying goodbye in smoke

on this open sea / kissing me / so violently now

that meaningful sin

take cover, my lover / this book is bleeding / it’s the raping season

the emptied sea of you and me

only one boundless mass / uncontrolled and / beautiful

And that wasn’t enough

She found herself on the ledge / And that wasn’t enough

i am lost

my eyes are / stern and set / on a shedding skin / of the rattlesnake

from a million fallen birds

but that’s something / i guess / we can suppress each sing-song / breath / as we take our last one

watchin’ your soul depart

was watchin’ your / soul depart / from the earth / and it didn’t even stop / to pay the handling fees / as you slipped away

FUCK! the robots

and posting / post-it notes of remorse / about eating / your tasty bits

My rusted capsule.

Lavished / in the queen’s / lingerie, / you possess my thin mind. / With smothering hips / and mockingbird lips,

boots dirty with salt

leaning into my shoulder / and my right hand / squeezing your thigh / my dear / i miss you being near / to me all the time

night lingers forward

descend with me / for just a little / while longer / as we half-close / our drunken / eyes / to block-out / the burning night / from our…

bury it in silk and dirty poems

just deep enough / where / the worms / can get / to it

“i want to die thinking of you”

but i just can’t / get past your echoin’ / whispers, / and the hint of / your perfume / that disables my mind / in our cold / bed…

i want to die thinking of you

just come on over, / darlin’, / my dreams are empty / and in need of / a new song.

hooray, hooray

about the living days / when you were a child / not this ghost / leaving your body behind / away away / into outer space

where the stains still show / the butcher of spri…

buried there / in the garden / are pretty faces / rotten with / silvery decay

without you, my little boy

with you / i am / everything good / smiling clowns / lions cleaning their cubs / diseases in remission / a heart in submission

with open sores

don’t forget me / regret me / fret me / let me be the sea / and cover your shores / with open sores

the metamorphic enchanter

lying to everyone you / married / kissing everyone you / denied / fucking the aphids / on the side

in my shed you will find the shovel

in my shed / you will find the shovel / bury my rotten pieces / as far from each other / as you / can

that good old fashioned reason to keep going on

what fun / what sinister fun / grab the sunshine sitting on the shelf / and take a few too many so as to relapse
Marigold in black and white  by Jason Franklin

it’s only a line of blood

please make sure my burial ground / is free of common earthworms / don’t fret if there’s slugs / on my mourning grounds

even though you and i are dead

i only dream of you now / even though you and i / are dead / bricks stacked higher until / they all come falling down upon us

gold fishes

yes. that’s it. / open my eyes with laser beams / and your kisses / your wishes / gold fishes / golden

just unlock my front door

he ain’t got much going on / just pissing in the wind / and driving the car off / the backyard cliff

then death hit the brakes

and death was driving / while in the back / i was fucking tranquility / double-crossed style

i’ll be taking the easy way out

i am taking a vacation / but i won’t be going anywhere / i won’t be home / i’ll be taking the easy way out

to bury the bones of too many victims

to rip the clothes / off like island beasts / to spoil the virgins / to bleed the sinners / to bury the bones / of too many victims

just lie with me tonight

man / cannot love / but only himself / because we so quickly and / with ghosts and whispers / forget

flies on my foreskin

ready for removal / dissected and / castrated with animal teeth

dating site blues

and now my wine bottles / are emptied / three in a row / and my stomach / is rotting

merry fucking christmas time

in the history of mopey bastards / since jesus christ was born

a gas oven to rest my weary head in

not breathing / not thinking / for so long / my nipples got hard

bulging beyond belief

you have forgotten out of / nonuse / of your gut / of your cock / your manhood

as i sat in the shower

as i opened the shower curtain / i heard a ghost whisper / welcome to a new day

the pain implant

turn it up until the black becomes / white / agitation levels are at a max / the battery is at full charge / your life is spinning out of …

crashing through the atmosphere

i was a falling bird now / a man unable to take flight / i was without wings or safety net

the last roses of fall

this black hole is just pulling me apart / memory is loosened from fact / and sleep is replaced with nightmares of being seasick

the astronauts prison

side by side / whispering lovely words that would / grow into song / moans and growls filling the cathedral walls / with our devotionals…

and burning flames, they burn

this isn’t love / there is no happy ending / no story to be written / just a little bit of being smitten

whispering i once loved you

so the words i would have written / were only fond memories along on the way / to this place i now am tittering from / high above the grou…

ringing through faraway cathedrals

i can hear their chants / ringing through faraway cathedrals / the voice of god / ruling distant worlds from afar

it seems the axe was the only gift you left me

that’s where i have left only pieces / shards and gurgling bows upon gifts / tied about the leftover hopes and sorrows / of what the …

my meat cleaver is now free

this bucket of putrid dismemberments / these thoughts left rotting in the outhouse / the location of the mindless millions / the bucket i…

the worn chair floats high above us now

soaring higher and higher / above the flickering northern lights / our eyes were only closed

so alone that the tongue has been chewed off

so alone / standing here in the ravine where / the water buried you under the dirt / where i buried your memory

laced with poison and betrayal

the digging of your grave / was the making of my bed / the lines we took unlocked / the sequence that fled / out from the holes

Asymmetry wins at last.

that’s when i pull it back / and the purring of my machine / reminds me of the / glory of man / and that’s when / i divide y…

my bones are dancing

and darling / i don’t even remember your name anymore

the mind rendering device

so i opened the box / the one that i had no idea what / hid inside / in dust and web laid a coiled machine / that simply stated mind-ren…

aboard the funeral ship

no need for the great inbetween / just the solid resolution that now he is a ghost / aboard the prison ship / and there is no escape / …

your favorite laundry cleaner

put them on gentle cycle / clean up those dirty / undies / and put a smile on your lips / cause that’s a gun in your / mouth

a thud on the floor

there are times i can hear the soft voice / whispering just around the corner / as if you were just walking away / to avoid my sight

the falling photographer and his beheading

on one floor a janitor was wiping up some vomit / expelled by the whore who had been paid / to eat excrement for the pity of the paying au…

ride that horse until the shoes are worn

this lonesome winter evening / i find myself / tired of riding this boney horse / as frozen gushes of air / are pushed through his blac…

suppose i guessed wrong

there’s a smearing of blood / dragged over many miles now / from where the accident occurred / the place where the animal was crush…

where you buried me

or maybe that’s where the ax / got buried / in the sheets and covers / the dirt freshly unkept / it’s not hard to imagine / …

it will be awful

a little taste of rotten morsels / a little bit of fun / just make sure your have something for the morning sun

some old bastard playing these songs

and these bloody days will pass / when you come and visit me / leaving a flower or two / or maybe a hum a song that once was sung

to set the raft sailing onwards

turn me over / like a mattress worn out / and take my golden teeth / for the payment will be steep / to get me out of purgatory / to s…

now that they’ve all been buried

now that they’ve all been buried / forgotten names on the tombstones / you can leave a flower or two / just because you remember w…

the old man and the memory of his yellow lab

no dog leashed in his right hand / nothing but a ghost / walking quietly beside him / in his sweetest memories

pineapples are apples with a point or two

as i watch the stream of yellow urine / my collection of pirates and aristocrats / were stealing baby jesus away

bugs splattering yellow

it was just me / blue jeans and thermal / green gap shirt / sitting here listening to

it’s the same now

praising your god or your disease / it’s the same now / it never mattered anyhow
Hell's Storm In a Dream 1 by Jason Franklin
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