Poems and writing

Felix, a bamboo plant

she was only an annual / brilliantly beautiful and rich / with yellow petals and green stem

a moody poem about despair and ghosts

like old heart / on a silken pillow / which is now a shadow / a pile of dust

another refill

another refill / the sky elevates / into space / warmth replaced / with degrees too low / to recount / now / sitting here / propped u…

water for my dog, a deal

drink too much from the / finest crystal / or from a dirty dog dish, / it leads to the same / misdirections, / contraceptions / and hes…

exploding from each other

but now with our scientific compassions / we are released into space / like debris

it’s the same now

praising your god or your disease / it’s the same now / it never mattered anyhow

leaving only footsteps in snow

grasping for it would only let it go, / then you are gone / leaving only footsteps in snow

when the creeping/the new wave

your hair trails behind / as the rope tightens too fast

with the first step into your gravity

i have crash landed, / my energy is used, / spent, / there is no escape

the night turned into fire

i looked up for a moment / and saw light / and heard whisperings / into my head they snaked

where you stood is shadow

the earth shatters / into so many moments and / there is debris / and memories scattered

floating above the world

then i close my eyes, / hear a whisper slipping through / and then it rests on my palm

the common connection

open the eyes, / remove the nerve that / connects the brain, / replace with soft images / of flesh that seems familiar / but distant

this loving monster

to make it all go / down easier / there is a cup of blood / with a splash of what / was made of you,

Victus Mortuus Yum-Yum

dancing wildly, eating excitedly / swimming in a jelly of brain and fat

to be kept alive/memories of love

memories laced with poisons, / ether and formaldehyde, / to keep them pretty much / alive,

a half-naked turtlethinker

the sprouting plant is neither meat / nor flesh / nor dream nor hostel for happy prayer

and the sound you’re hearing? moans

put me back together with / whatever glue you can find / and the sound you’re hearing? / moans

by drugs i only mean sleeping pills

the drugs, the wine, the / better emotions are / false and mutually / divorced of feeling

Laika Dog, aboard Sputnik 2, November 3, 1957 (po…

first earthling to see us / from above the clouds / i wonder what she was thinking / going so fast, so far away / from the streets of Mos…

bugs splattering yellow

it was just me / blue jeans and thermal / green gap shirt / sitting here listening to

done some right and wrong

done some right / done some wrong

that feeling is just a hole in your stomach/ the …

bleeding raptured through inverse actions / you get it now / this is fools golden love / a paupers crown

wandering mental illness

as i slouch over

twinkie and abandon all hope

why not eat a twinkie / and fill it with extra whipped cream? / or abandon all hope / and drink the clorox

be lucid by not drinking quite as much

you must travel and unravel the open skin, / these rivers of guilt / and if you look in the / upcoming distance / sifting through the silt…

the jesus fried taco stand

whatever makes / jesus taste the best / they can give it to you / for only 99 cents

to roast my marshmallows for the lord

i will not stop / to roast my marshmallows / (you know what i mean! / my little jelly beans!) / on burning corpses

free kitten signs and construction signs

my thoughts are bouncing / around and around / like spinning ufos / in desert skies

oh well, let’s all go to hell

my eyes are / between day and night / somewhere / underwear / lurk / for the comforts of bed

enough to fill the port-a-potty/pretty as a gende…

hey, it’s easier to make no sense / of all this senselessness / better to buy a car bomb / with a cherry on top

there is love, being a clown, throwing grenades

there is love / a broken down beater / overheating and spewing steam / and making an awful racket

that set you on fire

your bones are words / that meant something concrete, / the blood now oxidized / carried the oxygen to your brain / where the pretty words…

i’ve mistaken a few of the prettier ones

sold secrets / for the “joy of sex” / and unwrapped peaceful harbors / for dividends of illicit pain

scratching off winning numbers that never were won

that you were too shy to pluck / sitting on your bar stool / closer to drool and fools / then cleaning up / these open sores

my little boy, you ask a lot of questions

ask me anything / boy / take up my useless / and selfish time / because everything / and every word you’ve / said / is gold

and you’re feeling around in my jeans

the therapy can eradicate / what once was / and maybe what is that was / but now there’s only you / and a pile of candy

pineapples are apples with a point or two

as i watch the stream of yellow urine / my collection of pirates and aristocrats / were stealing baby jesus away

in piles of splenda on the dirty counter spaces

stars going light speed / in the alley ways / the dealers are slipping in / and remembering mother’s / birthdays a day too late

this canary yellow dead bedfellow

of a life now forgotten, / when the tears were / onion laced / and easily made, / the laughter was / agonizing to replicate / as it was a f…

for the control of the concubines and pretty love…

for the control / of the / concubines / and pretty / lovely / controlled / mickey mouses

spare me a cup of your wine

drag me to / the white dogs / the yellow / pines / of deviled eyes


radiating particularized / unifying earthly bodies / molding the air / into seas of / electricity

peaceful and pink with lust

i want to cut your / face off and apply / it by super glue to a / horses ass / and call it make believe

as the boy sleeps

i lay beside him as he snores / and the fan whirrs above us / keeping the slumgering child / stuck in dream / a state i would like to …

with a wet dream for a love affair

she sometimes calls me / and asks for money / or kindness / and i give it / like a fool does / that’s why we are here now / with…

the old man and the memory of his yellow lab

no dog leashed in his right hand / nothing but a ghost / walking quietly beside him / in his sweetest memories

another poem about a girl you can’t attain

now the girl in my dream / is only whispering around a corner / where the key is the doorway

they take little gnarly bites

you are a fucking fool / for this is the solution / popular pollutions are free to throw away

unwrap your skin like a christmas gift

slap me slap me slap me / with your most pedestrian / of work / your words are ninja tacks / and keep on digging into my ass / like gro…

he’s merrily chocking mrs. claus

there goes rudolph with a red nose / but that’s not from genetics / he’s got a drinking problem / too much eggnog and pussy t…

now that they’ve all been buried

now that they’ve all been buried / forgotten names on the tombstones / you can leave a flower or two / just because you remember w…

flightless birds

they still see me / through the portal of time / maybe they can travel / beyond death

the destroyer

this man / the destroyer / with intentions set / on mass destruct / no sense of concern / for the other man / and his golden child …

these past eight years

you with your temper and teeth / always wait for me / when i get home

the drunken bard

it is the / season / of moans and / the bemoaned / now collapse / my fingers / broke

and hell’s shitting in your pretty mouth

and hell’s shitting / in your pretty mouth / hot ashes and steaming coals / turning the good sky gray

time machines and a whore

to lay waste to / sorry for offending you / your home is ash now / my little whore

just pissing myself

you know what i mean / there from where you / stand you can / see the / jelly beans

they liked her jeans on the floor

but she couldn’t / keep the dicks out / so she picked / the destruction / oh well

she the machine

and your child / was partially replaced with / days in a cave

just give up dog

just give up

sputtering out of sight

my girl my girl / i have forgotten most about you / the color of your eyes at night / the sound of your sleep breathing

some old bastard playing these songs

and these bloody days will pass / when you come and visit me / leaving a flower or two / or maybe a hum a song that once was sung

little toy fountains

they are your fountains / and that makes them more / then just cheap plastic toys / they are what flow in your little soul / the same that…

goodnight sleep / fecal matters

but that’s all blind romantics / improperly expelling fecal matters / preaching out of the fear / of being alone or even worse: / al…

to hide the light

and your ears our stuffed / with earbuds / leaking bubblegum / so you need not hear

the pretty ones win the prizes

glossed over / red lips / doe eyes / blackened hips / so much / forgettable / paste / absorbed / oh so / easily

standing in the archway

i was standing in the door way / for about an hour / and nothing much was going on / just a repeating thought / a ghastly yet lovely and …

only the ghosts and spirits reside there

with their dusty skeletons and marble floors / birds stuffed with loving hands / like well scribed epitaphs / that no longer are read

like hammers against kitten skulls

and pick up the pieces of fur and blood / lust and tongues wrapping around more / tongues with words with no sounds / i can hear your lau…

punching my knuckles into a mirror

and they sink / and i drink / and eat / and not fuck / but worry

i wish i had some salt.

leaving behind wet trails / memories lingering behind them / glistening beautifully in the morning light / i wish i had some salt.

she’s come back to me, she’s just a b…

in the summer time / she’s still running back to me / even though / she’s just a bitch / the perfect ally for a / fool like…

exit wounds

if i squint my eyes enough / and discard my articles / i will be naked enough not to freeze

it will be awful

a little taste of rotten morsels / a little bit of fun / just make sure your have something for the morning sun

i want to sleepwalk with you

that maybe you were real once / or maybe you were only my dream / or something that invades / our reality from time to time / just to fu…

ride that horse until the shoes are worn

this lonesome winter evening / i find myself / tired of riding this boney horse / as frozen gushes of air / are pushed through his blac…

suppose i guessed wrong

there’s a smearing of blood / dragged over many miles now / from where the accident occurred / the place where the animal was crush…

but the words left no harm

the lines connecting our actions / got tangled and tripped us up / leaving bloody scuffs on our possible outcomes

these ribs stuffed with sawdust and ash

but now the open sky is a collapsing ceiling / holding me safely in it’s fleshless fingers / petting my form into submission / hol…

a tongue on a cheek

black holes in this bar / light being pulled apart / from each of our eyes / the hope / a future at peace

what a magnificent scene

and now clothes are never clean / thrown about the hall / all thoughts obscene / standing propped up against the wall / half-naked from t…

the falling photographer and his beheading

on one floor a janitor was wiping up some vomit / expelled by the whore who had been paid / to eat excrement for the pity of the paying au…

floppy disks and stamps you lick

i opened your programs / on a commodore 64 / just to remember / the isolation / byte by byte / as you went down my / blistering cock

when you walked away

in those nightmares / or maybe just forgotten dreams / you used to turn your head / when you walked away

how a little boy deals with being alone

and hearing you say / that you will miss me / when you are the same / really kills me / because i can only wonder / how a little boy / …

i recall ridin’ you


i want to climb back inside of you

no lush tropics or wet remorse / just arid valley / dry and invisible caverns

there’s that dirty old gun

i hear the humping and thumping of mongrels / beasts sharing their dirty parts / for that’s their reprise
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