A deal...Help me help others!!

Here is the deal… Exactly one week from today Nov. 30th it will be my birthday.. yes I’m getting older and more set in my ways, but one thing I learned through my 48 blessed years on this planet is, that giving is more important than receiving.. so I’m asking for your help. As you know 50% of all proceeds from my birds and Elephant Seals images are donated to the American Bird Conservancy and the Marine Conservation Organization I also dropped all my prices by 15-35% on ALL my images, and I would like to give the biggest possible donation to these organization as MY birthday gift. Proceeds from ALL images until the 30th are included, be it a butterfly, Seal, person, landscape or an abstract. I do not want to ask for specific amounts but I will give a laminated print, of any image the buyer wish for in my portfolio, if it is over $100 (U.S.) or two of their choice for $200. Take advantage of the free November shipping from RB and you will help me help a little more for conservation organizations. If you prefer as a buyer a different reward, bubble mail me. One other option is for you to let me know which images from my portfolio you’re interested for a calendar. Since RB does not have the retail option on them, I will compile it and send the calendar to you.
Sounds like a deal? I know it is! ! So please… Help me help others!

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