What a month...

What a wonderful month thus far
I have won the Mammals Challenge in the all that is nature group with this Northern Elephant Seal image

Got a third place in the same group macro challenge for this Julia Heliconian butterfly, which also won first place in the Goodbye, Butterfly! challenge hosted by the Zoophoria group
This image also won first Place in the your best macro challenge hosted by the Macro Untouched group

I won third place in the The Conversation challenge hosted by the Candid Photography group
for my Communication! – School children play with public phone in Costa Rica image

I was the runner up in the Weekly contest – Animal of all kinds challenge hosted by the Animal Photography group for my image A female Elephant seal Mirounga angustirostris which also won a second place in the Wildlife challenge hosted by the Challenge Café group

In the Latin America Group i won second place in the Latin America Book #1 challenge for my Titikaka Man image

I won second place in the The Pacific Coastline of California challenge hosted by the California Sound group for my Tranquility image.

In the The Professionals group I have received 7th place in the Dusk Challenge for my Sunset in Convict Lake, Mammoth Lakes, California image. this image was also chosen as the avatar and cover image for the Untamed California challenge hosted by the California Sound group

Second place was also won in the “It’s all Black and White challenge”: hosted by the The Artistic Nude group for my entry Distress

Finished in the top ten in the Cacti and Other Succulents group for the Group avatar challenge with the Cactus cluster entry

And last but hopefully no least I won 8th place in the Candids with Hats challenge hosted by the Candid Photography group for this entry Artist’s Hat-An artist is working on a chalk painting at the Imadinari Street Painting Festival. Santa Barbara, California6

In short three (3) winnings in first place
Five (5) winnings in second place
Two (2) winnings in third place
One 7th, one 8th and one 10th place.
To all the artists in RB who took the time to vote for me my sincere gratitude and thanks,it couldn’t have happened without your support and votes. THANK YOU!!!
Yes a good month indeed……. :-)

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