gap fire 2

We were given an evacuation notice yesterday night, only to have it reversed after an hour.. Not a very pleasing experience at midnight. So far the blaze consumed more then 8000 acres and some of our friends were already forced to evacuate. We’re still in an high alert zone. Managed to get some more pics as you can see here Last images from 7/3/08 were taken only 500-2000 yards away from from my home. As a photographer the light in incredible around 7 pm. One may have the feeling it is an alien / martial landscape. Sky are glowing orange and red and the white ash falling from above can be only described as a “dirty snow”. Streets are blocked by police patrol cars, and groups of people congregate with binoculars & cameras in areas where the fires can be viewed. I wish I could go for more photography, but it doesn’t sit too well with my dear wife… :-))

News articles about the fire are here and here

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