my falling...

I did a terrible mistake today of sending bmail to my group members telling them about the challenge cafe competitions in the water and b/w challenge. I did so once and after getting same mail from other hosts.
I was suspended for a day, my group Art of the Middle East was taken away and only a few hours ago my account was reinstated..
Please read about it and voice your opinion.
As a host I shouldn’t have used group mail for it and I apologies for it
to the Art of the Middle East group members I send all my appreciation and support. It is hard for me to start a labor of love in this group and to be thrown out of it in a heart beat.. If you think that my crime is so bad than say so to RB admin. if not than say that too.. I believe I conducted myself in honesty and integrity since I came to red bubble. I love this site and devote much of my time and energy to it.. RB strength is in it’s members, and I hope it is a message that RB can hear…

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