life continues > WYD has claimed another soul.

so I haven’t been on here much, as I am back at boarding school.
we can’t go onthe net mucvh here… so I am using my religion and photography classes to check this site.
being back at school is fine., though evceryone is still worked up about WYD… quite abit. mass went extra long last sunday because the preist felt the need to give us all a blow by blow on the whole event.
it really is great that one event can effect so many people in such a positive way I suppose. but i really do think that part of it is due to the natural hype that people can’t help but feel when they get worked up.
I have a friend, she is currently anglican but since going to world youth day she really wants to convert to catholism. she drinks alot, sleeps around, does drugs occasionally, and was once quite happy with that life. but talking to her for the past week and a half… she says that she wants to change. that suddenly she ‘sees the light’ i really think that that is great. she does alot of stupid stuff while on drungs. but i also know that she gets hooked on an idea only for a few months. so I’m quite aware that in a few months, after converting, she is going to go back to everything that she did while anglican… I tell her so too. but she seems convinced that it will all change… even though, with her new found religion she still got a tattoo on the week end of a star. I suggested to her that breaking the rules at a catholic school kind of goes against her new found want to follow rules… she deafened herself against my logic. that is what i don’t get. that she is hooked to this belief and this way of life… when it suits her. when it doesn’t get in the way of her sudden wants. and really as i look around this catholic school i see it everywhere… even with the reppocussions of WYD still around, people are starting once again to get self centered and going back to ‘weekend catholics’ are there any real catholics left? ones that live everyday by the rules of this religion? with out beoing corruypted like so many people?
but alas lunch time. so long… may be on to write more… later… love love

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