World Youth Day - 0.o confused

world youth day is pretty cool.
i went to it on friday. just for the day.
didn’t find it inspiring and I’m definnatly not converting back to catholism…
but I was just thinking that it was ironic when I was sitting there watching the stations of the cross.
everyone was sitting there around darling harbour… this catholic crowd that isn’t suppose to be to caught up in the corporate world… was surrounded by corporate images. just all these people that are suppose to beyond todays bothers. but there they are having a spiritual ‘moment’ while being surrounded by todays ‘distractions’.
I just think that it is a great example of religion today. it shows that everyone has time for religion and spirituality as long as it doesn’t get in the way of the important stuff…
I dunno if my idea is coming across right. but it didn’t seem like a spiritual moment. because everything was tainted by the corprate and consumerist world.
I went into darling harbour mall and there were all the pilgrims buying Aussie merch when they should be out side reflecting.
even I. while I was walking past a shop saw a sale that I couldn’t pass up.
here we were involved in some historical, spiritual event but just wait till after I have checked out this sale for hoodies for 18$
i bought one to and thank god. it got so cold.
the atmosphere was great though. after the stations were done we walked along witht the crowds and really got involved. everyone was chanting their countries chants and waving their countries flags. it was like one great street party but with half of sydney involved.
but of coorse it was better then a street party becuase it was alcohol free.
everyone was having fun without the aid of booze.
which isn’t seen much in Aussie society.
I was talking to a friend of mine who works for the ambulence services and she said it was the best behaved crowd she had ever seen.
all that she had had to look after were people that had gotten over excited and hyperventilated or just fallen over.
this was a crowd that was just so massive. huge. biggest i have ever been in. but no trouble. that was inspiring. I got involved. bought an Aussie flag (national pride for just 10$) and started the Aussie Aussie Aussie chant as we walked. but i did notice that more americans and asians responded to my chant then Austrailans…
I was a bit confused by that…
but yes. I have said what i said so now I shall sleep.

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