A Little Saddness...

To Everyone and Anyone who cares to read this-My Apologies for not being around for the past couple of monthes…but I have lost my beloved Kitty Twinkie recently, and haven’t been doing much in the way of photography or art for that matter.
Unfortunately, Twinkie passed untimely, and from a vicious neighbor with poison…may that person answer to the Higher Authority when he dies, for the sin he committed against my beloved feline friend. As I did not actually see the person give Twinkie the poison, legally I could do nothing-and illegally I could have taken out my anger on the person’s dog-but as I love all animals, I could not even do that. Just to let you know the type of person that neighbor was-he left and even abandoned the dog he owned-which I fed until I called the “friends of animals” society, and they came and took him to a better home. Thankfully, that vicious person only managed to get Twinkie with the poison, I still have Leonardo Di Vinci and Astrobeleki-only because they spend alot of time outdoors, wheras Twinkie was more inside (the window was open so all could come and go as their convenience, thats how the poison was thrown into the house)
Once the neighbor had left-I proceeded to adopt another 3 kittens, which have brightened my days and nights with their unquestioning love and affection-their names are Beamy (as in Beam Me Up Scotty-she looks like an Alien), Feisty Stands-With-A Fist (the female character from Dances With Wolves), and little Picasso (his first endeavor in his new home was to attack a tube of blue acrylic paint!).
my art exhibition ran as scheduled-and I am now teaching English as well as doing Real Estate…Life Goes On I guess…and finally, I am back on Red Bubble once again…hopefully I will feel up to taking some more photos soon…till then..well…just thought I would let everyone in our community know I am around, but still hurting and am “mending”-soon I will be able to photograph and add more work…

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