First Tee Arrived!

So I got my first tee in the mail today- all be it after 9 days to print and 12 days to ship – but I’ll forgive them being christmas, and it’s my 21st today so maybe they planned it! I ordered Petra and I reckon it looks pretty sweet. The tees are really nice, not too thick and a good fit (much better than The print quality is fairly good, a little blurry in some parts, but it was a fairly complex image to print so that’s ok. I’m interested to see how flat blocks of colour with print. I was really impressed with how RB present the product too with the wrapped sticker and cardboard insert. Good job.

I think it’s definitely a must for designers to buy their tees to evaluate them. The designs take on a new form when printed, and you find bits that do and don’t work, which you don’t notice on screen.

Anyway I’m up to fix a couple of things on Petra, so it’s a better product for you guys!

Thanks RB,

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